Available Havashire Puppies!!!
Available Havashire Puppies!!!

Sunny Day Puppies has a few available Havashire puppies soon! Here is an opportunity to get one of our puppies without the quite often year or more wait! Both Pebbles & TinkerBelle have puppies as yet not called for in their litters. Learn all about the Havashire (Havanese / Yorkshire Terrier) on My Website. I have fun pages & photo albums of information there about the breed, the parents, and past puppies of all ages for you to see.

Here are a few photos of TinkerBelle’s puppies taken today at 6 weeks. There are 150 of them at play today on my website in their photo Album!

TinkerBelle & Scoobee had 5 Havashire puppies born May 28th, 2017! There are 2 available Black/Tan boys & 1 available Black/Tan girl.  They have some white chest markings. They will be ready to go to their new homes July 23rd at 8 weeks old.
TinkerBelle’s Havashire Puppies


Pebbles & JackPot had 5 Havashire puppies born June 7th, 2017! There are 2 available boys- black with Tan points with white tuxedo markings! They will be ready to go August 2nd at 8 weeks old.

Pebbles’ Havashire Puppies

Here are some examples of Tinker’s & Pebbles’ past Havashire puppies pictured at all ages below. They are a FUN breed!!! See many more pics & the breed description on my website!

I will be offering these puppies first to the folks who already have deposits down with me on other litters. On Friday, June 23rd, I will offer these puppies to new buyers. My email is on my website.

Sunny Day Puppies



Jane whaley

2017-07-11 11:39:45 Reply

My two havenshires, Duncan and Lucy, are about 9 months old. They are the cutest, smartest, lovable dogs i have ever owned, or that have owned me. I only wish i could get 2 more. We are laughing all the time at their antics. Mary Lusa is the finest breeder you will evercencounter. We visited with her twice from Atlanta and i wanted to stay and work for free. Enjoy!!

Mary Lisa Carter

2017-07-11 21:06:13 Reply

Awe Jane, that is SO nice of you to say! I REALLY have a wonderful time with you! Happy to hear that little Duncan & Lucy are doing so well! These are such a FUN breed mix! They always keep me laughing around here! They are so little but they think they are SO big!!!

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