Available Tri-Color YorkiPoo Puppies!!!

Little Paisley is mighty proud of her New & Available Tri-Color YorkiPoo Puppies!!!

One of our previous YorkiPoo Puppies

Paige with one of our previous YorkiPoo Puppies

Paisley had 6 BEAUTIFUL little YorkiPoo puppies April 14th! This is Paisley’s first litter of puppies and she is doing perfectly! What a wonderful Mommy she is -She does as well as any old-timer! Her YorkiPoo puppies will be ready to go to their new homes June 9th @ 8 weeks old.


Daddy of her puppies is our Chocolate/Tan Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot” below:


Read more about these YorkiPoo puppies, see how they are raised, see pictures of our past puppies at all ages, and learn about their parents on my website.

Paisley’s YorkiPoo Puppies

Paisley & JackPot’s YorkiePoo puppies are $2,200. I will be offering these puppies first to all of the folks that already have deposits down with me waiting for a puppy from other litters. After Wednesday, April 25th, if they are not called for, I will offer them to new folks who do not yet have a deposit down. These puppies are estimated to be average 10-15 pounds as adults.

  1. Anita Jones 1 month ago

    They are adorable!

  2. Missy 1 month ago

    Mom and Dad are Brown colors. The puppies are black and white? Will they change to Browns?

    • Author
      Mary Lisa Carter 1 month ago

      LOL! I know – that appears odd at first – UNTIL you study the genes. When you cross red with brown, unless the brown dog has a red gene, puppies will be black based in color. Genes can be complicated but fun to study.

  3. Linda Rich 1 month ago

    If you have any puppies left after you offer to all people with deposits, I would like to purchase one of Paisley’s YorkiPoo pups. Let me know if I’m lucky enough to have one of those sweet little pups!

  4. Laurie 1 month ago

    I am extremely interested in one of these puppies!!!! I need an address to send a deposit to as I don’t have paypal.

  5. Lisa 2 weeks ago

    I am interested in purchasing one if the puppies if they aren’t called for. Lisa

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