Enjoying some Warm Days in Mid-Winter!!

Ahhhh, these warm sunny days that we have been having this winter have been WONDERFUL!!! My dogs and I are sure taking advantage of them! Hiking, digging, chasing squirrels, and even some water sports today!!! Just look at the SPLASH Patch made when she leaped from the bank right into the middle of the creek! LOL!!!

HavaPoo “Patch” made a BIG Splash when she Leaped right off the Creek Bank into the Middle!! FUN!!!

  1. Jo Ann Schaper 1 year ago

    Love seeing your beautiful dogs on a fun outing!

  2. Lyn 1 year ago

    Looks like fun! This spring-like weather is amazing!

  3. Judy Kapp 1 year ago

    Your pups always seem to be having the time of their life! I wish I were there to see this trip to the creek live. Keep up the good work.

    • Author
      Mary Lisa Carter 1 year ago

      Awe, you would laugh & laugh as I do! You’ll have to come with us sometime! We would LOVE to have you!

  4. Jane Jarzyna 12 months ago

    What a BALL ..exactly what those beautiful babies should be doing ! Made me smile !

  5. Linda Forsell 9 months ago

    I bought one of your puppies almost 2 years ago now and love her to pieces. I would like to be able to purchase another YorkiPoo when there is a female available. The color isn’t important to me but if I had a choice, I’d like a party-colored one. If this isn’t available, then any color will do.

    Linda Forsell, Sparks, NV

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