Exciting Week In Sunny Day Puppies Maternity House!!

Riddle & Pebbles both have a BIG surprise!! They have been quite busy this week – they each had FIVE puppies! WoW! It sure has been an EXCITING week here in the Sunny Day Puppies Maternity Ward!!!

Pebbles with her Newborn Havashire Puppies

Our home bred Blue Merle Tuxedo HavaPoo girl “Riddle” and her sweet Chocolate Parti Yorkie hubby “JackPot” had their HavaPooKie puppies! And my goodness, are they a BEAUTIFUL litter of puppies!!!

Riddle with her Newborn HavaPooKie Puppies

Read all about them, their parents & grandparents, and see past puppies at all ages on my website. I will be updating the new puppy pictures every 2 weeks. It will be FUN to watch them grow!

Folks that are already on Riddle’s or Pebbles’ waiting lists please contact me. These puppies will be ready to go to their new homes March 17th at 8 weeks old.

  1. Summer Williams 3 months ago

    Cuteness overload!!

  2. Eunyce 3 months ago

    Welcome to all the beautiful new pups!
    Sooooo much excitement!
    ‘S for the two new mamas and ‘S for all the puppies…

  3. Eunyce 3 months ago

    That’s kisses for mamas and pups!

  4. Joyce DuBois 3 months ago

    Beautiful, beautiful babies!

  5. Debby 3 months ago

    Just love the work you do not only on your website but also with the abundance and exuberant love that shines through with every loving word and work and care you put into them. It certainly shows!!!

    Why don’t you ever use the Bichon if I may ask. I know they are found quite ofter paired with the Yorkies?



    • Author
      Mary Lisa Carter 3 months ago

      Thank you!! I LOVE raising these little babies – Im truly in heaven here!!! Its been my life dream but it just took me a few years to realize it! I am SO lucky be be able to!!! About the Bichon: I do not use them in my program because of their skin issues (as most white skinned animals have). I strive for NO health problems for my little ones and their families.

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