Fun Day with our Grand-daughters & Puppies!
Fun Day with our Grand-daughters & Puppies!

Sometimes, pictures just tell it all!!! Our grand-daughters Alexis & Paige were out today helping me take puppy pictures and we all had a FUN day!!! Their Mommy Lori took some pics and even I got to get into them this time!



2015-06-10 06:25:49 Reply

They’re adorable! Must be wonderful when Grandmother has a puppy farm. Are any of these Goldilock’s pups?

Mary C

2015-06-10 07:40:56 Reply

So so so cute!!! Both the puppies and the girls. What lucky little girls to have all these puppies to enjoy. That last picture is so sweet.

Teresa Bailey

2015-06-10 09:23:59 Reply

Your granddaughters are SO beautiful and so lucky to be able to play with all those cute puppies!!!!

Jackie Klecker

2015-06-10 10:22:36 Reply

Beautiful puppies. Where are you located? Can we drive to your place to look at puppies?

    Mary Lisa Carter

    2015-06-10 23:50:09 Reply

    Of course you can!


2015-06-10 14:21:59 Reply

What adorable grandbabies and puppies. Looks like a lovely spring day at the country farm with lots of giggles. Thanks for sharing!


2015-06-10 17:14:43 Reply

So cute! Your grand-daughters must love coming over to your house and being able to play with all of the puppies.

Carolyn Hoy

2015-06-10 18:51:17 Reply

Simply adorable!

2015-06-10 20:34:16 Reply

Your granddaughters are getting so big!!!!!


2015-12-14 22:41:19 Reply

You have to be the most popular grandmother! I just recently found your website and blog. I know I’ll have to wait a while for a puppy…but I’ll be patient! 🙂 ALL are adorable!

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