Having Fun this Fall with Some Redecorating!

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and it’s been such a fun summer with all my puppies! We have been just totally smothered in kisses around here every day! We are doing some re-decorating in the doggie barn & it’s so fun & pretty that I am thinking of moving in myself!!

My sweet hubby rebuilt stall #2 for us! Rachael, me, and the kids have sure prettied it up nice! My friend Leah is coming to paint a big beautiful sun in the corner with rays coming out on both walls! I can hardly wait!!!

All the doggies LOVE it!!!

Stall #1 got a little freshening up & what a nice view the little doggies have from there!

All of the stalls have a nice backyard so all the mommy’s & their little ones can go outside and bask in the sun with skylight roof, and maybe even get to bark at the cows & horses that wander by as they graze!

Yup, I think I’m moving in!!!  🙂

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  1. Deborah L Anderson 6 months ago

    I would be moving in too!! What a great set up you have!!!!

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