Toy Poodle "Cheerio"

Blue merle toy poodle yorkipoo puppies for sale breeder
CKC #PD-04743072
Blue/Black Merle Toy Poodle
13 pounds ; 12 inches

Black Merle Toy Poodle “SDP Sweet Cheerio” is a cheerful, funny, wonderful little dog and a smart little gal. She is quite the eye-catcher not only with her husband Scoobee, but also with anybody who sees her! She is a top quality poodle bred by Sabine Greene at Greene Gardens Poodles in Savannah, GA.

Cheerio LOVES to go hiking and adventuring with her buddies large and small! I didn’t name this happy little girl Cheerio for nothing as you can see here!

Don’t let all this fun on the farm fool you though, she will sit in your lap and cuddle all day if she could! She is wonderful to be around, and a sensible little lass.

A little about the Toy/Mini Poodle:

Black Blue Merle Toy Poodle YorkiPoo puppies for sale breeder

Blue / Black Merle Toy Poodle “Cheerio”

Identical to the Standard and Miniature Poodle except in height, they are a descendant of the Miniature Poodle. The Toy Poodle is a dainty, sensitive little dog who make perfect pets for a less active person who has time to pamper these natural little clowns and be amused by their quaint antics. Well proportioned and squarely built, the Toy Poodle was bred down from the Miniature Poodle. They are an intelligent breed with a delicate disposition and are very easy to train, the easiest of all the Poodles. Toy Poodles are delightful, good natured, and lively dogs. The Poodle makes an excellent family pet who will adapt to any situation and will try anything an owner wants. Toy Poodles are an efficient choice for the owner who wants an obedient dog. They are affectionate with their family, a little wary with strangers, but still accepting of them. They love to be around family and friends, and get along well with other animals and children. They come in any colors, and have very curly, thick fur. Not only do they have an winning personality, but their hypoallergenic coat is non-shedding. (as are all my dog breeds) Toy Poodles are bright, perky little dogs. Responsive, alert, sensitive and eager to please describes this breed.

The Poodle rates very high as a watch-dog. These dogs are highly alert and will let you know if something unusual is happening. Their Learning rate is also Very High. Toy Poodles are very intelligent. Obedience – Very High. Problem Solving – Very High. They are extremely intelligent and very obedient. There are not very many breeds that rate this high in everything. This is why the Poodle has been such a popular breed for so many generations.

This breed is known to have a very long life span of 15 to 17 years.

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