HavaPoo "Raisin"

HavaPoo “Raisin”
CKC #MXM04835184
IDCR F1-3031F
20 pounds ; 13 inches

Chocolate Merle Tuxedo “SDP Sun Maid Raisin” is one of my home raised HavaPoo puppies out of our beautiful blue merle Mini Poodle “Cheerio” and by our chocolate tuxedo Havanese “Jolly Jeep”. I am VERY proud of this little gal! She has turned out to be exactly what I aim for in my breeding program!

Chocolate Merle Tuxedo

Chocolate Merle Tuxedo “Raisin”

Raisin is all I dreamed she would be and more! Cheerio, Jeep, and I are VERY proud! Quite the smart sensible young lady, Raisin has been such an easy little dog to raise & train – every mother’s dream child! She seems to figure things out while you are just thinking them just by looking into your eyes!

Raisin favorite sports (besides being my shadow) are hiking & swimming.


Raisin and her Best Buddy “Lily” Swimming in our Creek

Raisin’s husband for her first 2 litters was our Golden Yorkie “Little Britches”. We are VERY excited about their little ones! They are HavaPoo x Yorkshire Terrier! This crossbreed are called “HavaPooKie”! Registered with the IDCR, they are 25% Mini Poodle, 25% Havanese, 50% Yorkie.


Raisin’s 1st Husband “Little Britches”

“Delightful” is the best way to describe the HavaPoo breed! Read all about them here: HavaPoo Puppies. For Raisin’s NEW litter, she has dumped her Golden hubby Little Britches and married a new man! I know Britches is a cutie-pie but our new “JackPot” is even MORE handsome (believe-it-or-not!). Oh yes, JackPot is a Chocolate/Tan/Parti Yorkie with a thicker, more lush hairdo, & pretty white flash! Little Raisin just fell for him head-over-heels!

Raisin’s NEW Husband “JackPot”

Meet Raisin’s new hubby here: Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”. Raisin’s puppies will of course be non-shedding & hypo-allergenic as are the 3 breeds that are combined for her HavaPooKie puppies. Their puppies will be colors of 100% chocolate brown, some tan points, with 50% merle patterns AND 100% will have fancy white markings – either Tuxedo or Parti! WoW! Their puppies are in fact bred specifically to be TOPS for a good-natured all around family dog with a LONG and HEALTHY life span!

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