HavaPoo "Patch"

HavaPoo “SDP Pirate Patch”
CKC #FXM04950828
17 pounds ; 13 inches
Chocolate Merle Tuxedo “SDP Pirate Patch” is one of my home bred & raised HavaPoo puppies out of our beautiful & legendary (now retired) Chocolate Merle Mini Poodle “SDP Pajamas” and by our chocolate tuxedo Havanese “SDP Jolly Jeep”. I am VERY proud of this little gal as I am Raisin & Riddle! She has also turned out to be exactly what I aim for in my breeding program! She, like her little buddy Riddle, is the “best-of-the-best!

Chocolate Merle Tux HavaPoo “SDP Pirate Patch”

Patch is all I dreamed she would be and more! Pajamas, Jeep, and I are VERY proud! Quite the smart, sweet, loving young lady, Patch is just plain pleasant to have around!

Patch’s favorite sports are hiking, swimming, riding in the UTV with the kids, & playing toys with all her buddies! See many more fun photos of Pirate Patch in my ALBUMS.

Patch’s husband is our new Chocolate Parti Yorkie “JackPot”. We are VERY excited about their little ones! They will be Chocolate Merle HavaPoo x Choc Parti Yorkshire Terrier! This crossbreed is called “HavaPooKie”! Registered with the IDCR, they will be 25% Mini Poodle, 25% Havanese, 50% Yorkie with colors of 100% chocolate brown/gold, with 50% merle patterns AND 100% will have some fancy white markings! WoW! These puppies are going to be downright stunning!!! We can hardly wait until their first litter expected December 22nd, 2017!

Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”

“Delightful” is the best way to describe Patch’s HavaPoo breed! Read all about them here: HavaPoo. Meet Patch’s’s hubby “JackPot” here: Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”  Information about the Yorkshire Terrier breed there also. Patch & JackPot’s puppies will of course be non-shedding & hypo-allergenic as are the 3 breeds that are combined for her HavaPooKie puppies. Their puppies are in fact bred specifically to be TOPS for a good-natured all around family dog with a LONG and HEALTHY life span!

Chocolate Merle Tux HavaPoo “Pirate Patch” Playing with her Buddies Riddle & Music

I will not be taking deposits on Patch’s HavaPooKie puppies. They will be offered to the folks that already have deposits down on Echo’s, Bling’s & River’s litters as they have had such small litters this year. They will be offered in the order of deposits received of course.

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