LolliPop’s Old English Mastiff Pups at 6 Weeks!

Old English Mastiff Puppies for sale breeder

LolliPop’s Mastiff puppies are REALLY getting fun now! The little sweetie-pies are 11 pounds at 6 weeks old. They all come “running” (quote marks there bc they are quite the clumsy little rascals in their puppy stage while their growth rate is so tremendously fast) out of their “LolliPop Mastiff Hotel” the second they hear my voice to greet me with happy wagging tails and face-washing little tongues! They are quite the cuddly little love-bugs! Well, maybe not so little really… :)   They sure keep us laughing around here!!!

See more pictures of LolliPop, Hatfield & their new little puppies in my Gallery! Their “6weeks” photos were actually taken over a period of 4 days at 5 1/2 weeks old. Since they do so much sleeping at this stage, and I wanted plenty of action photos for you all, I took pictures all week long! I have as yet never had anyone complain that I have too many pictures!  🙂 … Although, I am going to break the news to you now… I put up over 350 pictures… I am sorry but I was unable to narrow them down very well. They are ALL SO CUTE!!! Well, thats the best I could do for you so go ahead and laugh! -I do ALL day!!! Click on them so to see each photo in a larger form. Then, you can scroll through them that way. LolliPop REALLY LOVES her little ones – well, you will see when you look through the pics! Enjoy!

Old English Mastiff puppies for sale breeder

LolliPop and her OldEnglish Mastiff Puppies at 6 Weeks Old

  1. amanda 4 years ago

    Hi…I qm looking for a brindle male..can u give me price please? Ty!

    • Author
      Mary Lisa Carter 4 years ago

      I am sorry but they are all sold now. I don’t expect to be breeding LolliPop again for another couple years.

  2. Dorothy McCahan 4 years ago

    Dear Mary Luaa,
    Sorry about not contacting you. Cricket doing good. She did get big. At first dr. visit she was 3 lbs. second visit 6 lbs. Too big for purse I bought but she is so cute. Lives to bathe, get hair combed and teeth cleaned. Hops as high as Hiccup. I noticed Hiccup not on site. Figured she went to the lucky little girl. Cricket has been so fun for whole family. Ken had open heart surgery May 5 the and really cheers him up. She also needs walking so the 2 of them walk twice a day. She barks and then grabs his hand to go to back door to go. I have picturess in. my phone gallery. Send me your cell number and I will forward them to you. I cannot figure out how to a reach them here. Cricket fits her personality. Got a pen like they useat dog show for her. While at hospital my sister called to say she cleared the top. It is 24″ high. She was only here 3 weeks. lol. Still want to get another puo next year beginning of 2015. Should I get a half brother or a pup from another dad? So hard to choose. Hioe your doing well. Thank yiuvagain for a wonderful puppy.

  3. Brandi 4 years ago

    Do you have any other old english mastiffs that are expecting soon?

  4. Yuno 2 years ago

    Hi my name is Yuno Gulick I live on a 10acre farm in southwest lower Michigan and have had mastiffs before my last one just past away he was 10 and named Simba we have pics of him and our home on Facebook it was really hard on my
    3yr old it was his best friend so we decided to start looking for another so if you have any up coming litters or any now pls let me know ! You can email or call me back at 1-574-340-5341 we are not interested in showing him just giving him a great home with lots of love !

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