Cheerio’s HavaPoo Puppies
Sold Puppies: Cheerio’s HavaPoo Puppies

Black/Blue Merle Toy Poodle “Cheerio” & her husband Chocolate Tuxedo Havanese “Jolly Jeep” had their new HavaPoo puppies Jan 23rd, 2017! They have beautiful HavaPoo puppies in some fancy colors! I expect Cheerio’s puppies to be between their parents sizes as adults: average 12-15 lbs as adults. With the “hybrid vigor”, the offspring are not only heartier than both parents, they also are occasionally larger.


Cheerio with her 1st litter of Newborn HavaPoo Puppies – What a loving Mommy she is!

CKC registered Black / Blue Merle Toy Poodle “SDP Sweet Cheerio” is a 13 lb beautiful poodle bred by Sabine Greene from Green Gardens Poodles in Savannah, GA. Cheerio is an absolute beauty – perfect in every way as usual with Sabine’s poodles!

Cheerio’s favorite sports are: Top of her list – giving kisses, hugs, belly rubs, and being your shadow! After that, she also loves a good trail adventure, swimming in the creek, playing ball, chasing squirrels, and did I mention hugging & kissing her humans?!

For Cheerio’s first puppies she married with our Golden Yorkshire Terrier “Little Smarty Britches”. They had YorkiPoo puppies 2014. I am so proud of the little gal! She is a wonderful mommy.

Be sure to see her past puppies at all ages and updated pictures of her new puppies in my Photo Albums!

Cheerio’s husband now is our Chocolate Tuxedo Havanese “Jolly Jeep” for their HavaPoo puppies. We are really looking forward to watching these these little ones grow up! Cheerio & Jeep’s HavaPoo puppies are $2,000; Puppies with the rare speckled merle pattern are a little more at $2500. Here are more pictures below of Cheerio’s past HavaPoo puppies with Jeep below. See lots more in their photo albums!

I built a new web page to help describe the colors & markings of puppies to help folks understand them better. “Puppy Colors & Markings”

Deposits are $250 non-refundable.  Be sure to see pictures of their past puppies and watch the new litters grow as I update pictures in my photo albums every 2 weeks!

Deposits for Cheerio & Jeep’s new litter of 5 HavaPoo puppies born August 5th, 2017; to be ready for their new homes Sept 30th at 8 weeks old:

  1. Janine from TX  – Chocolate girl (her 2nd puppy from us!)
  2. Justin from ME – Chocolate Merle female puppy with more white
  3. Elise from CA – Blue Merle male puppy
  4. Penny from MN – Choc Merle Female puppy
  5. Jenifer from GA little Black male puppy

Cheerio & Jeep’s NEW litter below – born Aug 5th, 2017! WoW!

Girls: 2 chocolate merles & 1 chocolate – Boys: 1 blue merle &1 black

Deposits placed for waiting list for Cheerio & Jolly Jeep’s NEXT (and last) litter of HavaPoo puppies expected late this Winter of 2018:

  1. Joan from MD/WA
  2. Toni from NY (also on Echo’s list)
  3. Kelly from MA (also on Bling’s list)
  4. David from NY (also on Echo’s list)
  5. Sylvia from CA (also on Echo’s list)
  6. Jeff from NC (also on River’s list)
  7. Lisa from FL (also on River’s list)
  8. Claudia from Puerto Rico (also on Echo’s list)
  9. Scott & Eileen (Dog trainer partners)
  10. Ronnie from TX (also on CupCake’s list)
  11. Shelly from CA (also on Raisin’s list)
  12. Tricia from VA (also on Bling/Patch’s list)

Little Cheerio usually has 3 to 6 puppies in her litter. This list will change some. Some folks may go on to wait for the next litter if there is not a puppy of their preferred color or gender available for them here. Some may get a puppy from another litter altogether and be removed from this list. Some folks may move up in line for choice when others decide to wait. Having a deposit down will definitely hold your places in line though even if your wait may be a long one. I promise it will be worth your patience!  🙂

Little Miss Cheerio will be retiring after her winter 2018 litter & her daughter “Riddle” (Raisin’s sister) will be taking over for her mother with her HavaPooKie puppies. Cheerio is a legend around here and is excited about her much deserved retirement! Folks that are on her waiting lists when she retires will automatically be moved to Riddle’s list.

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The Sunny Day Puppies Difference:

All my beautiful puppies are very well socialized with people, several other dogs of all sizes, and many farm animals too! They are naturally used to using the bathroom outside already, well away from their food & bedding. They come when called & follow very well. They are very happy, friendly little puppies. They wash my face quite thoroughly every day with their tiny tongues! When they are old enough & ready to go to their new homes, they easily adjust & are much easier to house break & train. Be sure to read all about “The SDP Difference” – how I breed and raise my puppies.

Flying your puppy? No worries! I have flown puppies all over the U.S.A. without incident for years. I prepare them well!  I have recently changed to only using my Puppy Nanny’s. They are WONDERFUL! The puppies are carried on board in their lap, loved on & cuddled, taken to the bathroom for potty breaks on a potty pad, and cared for every step of the way!  Information about all of this in my “Placing A Deposit” page.

I have a real good book “How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With” that I give all my new puppy owners. This little pup highly recommends it!

I have a real good book "How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With" that I give all my new puppy owners. This little pup highly recommends it!