Dixie Chick’s YorkiPoo Puppies

Chocolate merle teacup yorkipoo puppies for sale breeder ohio

Chocolate / Gold Parti Merle Toy Poodle “Dixie Chick” and our Chocolate/Tan Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot” have BEAUTIFUL YorkPoo puppies! Dixie’s first litter of Chocolate Merle and Chocolate/Tan/White YorkiPoo puppies pictured below.

Teacup chocolate merle YorkiPoo puppies

Dixie Chick with her 1st litter of Tiny YorkiPoo Puppies!

My goodness they were beautiful! 1 girl & 2 boys! The girl is a chocolate merle with  tan points, white chest, the boys are 1 chocolate with tan points and a white chest & the other is a chocolate merle with tan points and white chest! I have truly never seen these unusual blends of colors!

Chocolate Merle Parti Toy Poodle “Dixie Chick” is a sugar sweet, gentle, loving little dog from the south , like me! She is quite light colored herself and has not only the Parti gene, but also the Merle gene. That is quite rare to have both! She is a top quality poodle bred by Kathy Belare from LA. Dixie is a quiet, mannerly little lady just like the Southern Belle that she is named after.

Her husband is our VERY rare colored Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot“. He is QUITE the character! Be sure to read about him on his page!

Dixie Chick’s new Husband “JackPot”!

We are pretty excited about their beautiful  YorkiPoo puppies! I expect them to be 7-10 lbs as adults although the occasional hybrid (because of the hybrid vigor) will outgrow both his/her parents. They have colors of chocolate, chocolate merle with Britches but with JackPot they will may also have tan points, pretty white markings & some parti colored! WoW! These colors are unheard of in a YorkiPoo! Here are some examples of what I expect their puppies to look like pictured here in chocolate / gold colors from her previous litter with Little Britches. Their ears usually stand up erect like their Daddy’s as adults.

This was Dixie’s previous litter with Britches below.  See more pictures of Dixie & Little Britches’ puppies in my Photo Albums under “Dixie’s Past Puppies”! I built a new web page to help describe the colors & markings of puppies to help folks understand them better. “Puppy Colors & Markings”

Dixie Chick’s YorkiPoo puppies are $2,500. Deposit is $250. These small size puppies are NOT recommended for families with young children.

Folks with deposits in place for Dixie’s new litter of 2 YorkiPoo puppies (with JackPot as their daddy) born October 15th, 2017. There are 2 little Boys: a chocolate merle tuxedo w tan points & a chocolate merle parti – my goodness are they BEAUTIFUL! They will be ready to go to their new homes December 10th at 8 weeks old.

  1. Tracy from RI – Chocolate Merle Tuxedo Boy
  2. Kelly from OH -Chocolate Merle Parti male puppy

Dixie’s Newborn YorkiPoo Puppies born 10/15/17

Be sure to see many more pictures & watch them grow in their Album where their pictures will be updated every 2 weeks!

Deposits for Dixie & JackPot’s NEXT litter of YorkiePoo puppies expected to be born in April 2018, to be ready in June:

  1. Gemma from MI (her 2nd Dixie puppy from us!)
  2. Danielle form MD (also on Pebbles’ list)
  3. Rocio from MD (her family’s 3rd puppy from us!)
  4. Monica from MO (also on River’s list)

I will no longer be taking deposits for Dixie’s YorkiPoo puppies since she is planning her retirement! She is excited about that! She is going to enjoy living down in Sunny Florida with my Mother! I know she’ll enjoy her new job of Mom’s best buddy!!!

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