Moppy’s Chocolate Shorkie Tzu Puppies

Chocolate brown shorkie (ShihTzu mix Golden Yorkshire Terrier) puppies for sale

Chocolate ShihTzu “Ragga Moppin” & Golden Yorkshire Terrier “Little Smarty Britches” have beautiful Chocolate & Red/Brown Shorkie Tzu puppies! (ShihTzu / Yorkie)

Their puppies are beautiful, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, and cuddly, sweet Shorkie Tzu (AKA Yorkie Tzu) puppies. Their puppies are all chocolate brown Shorkie puppies as in their first litter pictured below. Be sure to see both Moppy’s and Little Britches‘ web pages and photo albums!

chocolate shorkie puppies for sale brown shihtzu yorkie mix breed

Little Moppy is VERY proud of her 1st Shorkie Puppies!

Below are some examples of what their Shorkie puppies look like. All in shades of chocolate. I doubt that you will find a Shorkie these colors anywhere else! They are pretty unique! Be sure to see all of Moppy & Little Britches’ past puppies pictured at all ages in their photo album. (under “Moppy’s Past Puppies”)

Their puppies average between their parents sizes as adults = 8 to 15 pounds. With the “hybrid vigor”, the offspring are not only heartier than both parents, they also are sometimes larger.

Paige with Moppy’s & her previous Shorkie Puppies!

Moppy has dumped poor Little Britches for her new husband “JackPot”. JackPot is quite the flirt around here and MIGHTY handsome so I cant blame little Moppy for falling for him! Their puppies are all chocolate, with some white markings and tan points.

You may get on a waiting list for a puppy for Moppy & JackPot’ ShorkieTzu puppies with a $250 deposit (non-refundable) Total price for their puppies is $2000.

Be sure to see TONS of photos of their previous puppies at all ages and their new puppies updated every 2 weeks after they are born in my Photo Albums!

Deposits placed for Moppy & JackPot’s new (and last) litter of 4 Shorkie puppies born July 5th, 2018. They will be ready to go August 30th:

  1. Jill from WA – Female puppy (their 2nd puppy from us!)
  2. Howie from SC -Female puppy (their 2nd Moppy’s puppy in the family!)
  3. – available male puppy!!!
  4. – available male puppy!!!

Little Moppy usually has 4-5 puppies in her litter. There may be a wait to get the puppy of your dreams but I promise that it will be worth every minute! After her summer 2018 puppies, Moppy is planning her much deserved retirement!

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