Raisin’s HavaPooKie Puppies

Our own home bred best-of-the-best Chocolate Merle Tuxedo HavaPoo “SDP Sun Made Raisin” married our Choc/Gold Parti Yorkie ” SDP JackPot” and had their HavaPooKie puppies! WoW! All healthy as horses! This is a new breed developed here by SDP and registered with the IDCR.

Raisin is Mighty Proud of her HavaPooKie puppies -just 1 Day Old! (This is one of her past Litters)

(Shades of brown & beige with flashy white tuxedo & parti markings, some with merle speckling & even the almost never seen tweed (merle with the extra color)!) All will have green/hazel eyes with an occasional sky blue eyed puppy! WoW!!! They are everything I had hoped for and more! You can see pics of these puppies all grown up now in Raisin’s Past Puppies photo album!

Here are some examples of what this breed looks like:

I rarely keep my own puppies to use in my breeding program but occasionally there is a very special one that REALLY stands out. Raisin is one of them! What a wonderful calm, gentle personality! She is already a legend in her own time around here! We waited and planned a long time for these puppies! Be sure to look mommy’s page “Sun Made Raisin” and photo album! I expect her puppies to average 10-15 pounds as adults. These are bred specifically for friendly, happy, durable family dogs that will be everybody’s best friend! They should have good long 15-17 year life spans. They are some of the best puppies I have ever raised.  🙂

Raisin’s HavaPooKie puppies are registered with the IDCR 25% Havanese, 25% Mini Poodle, 50% Yorkie. They are $2,200 for multicolored, and $2,500 for the rare color patterned merle puppies, $2,700 for the extremely rare chocolate merle tweed tux.

Raisin’s husband is our VERY rare colored Chocolate/Honey tipped Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”! Their puppies are bi & tri-color and quite unique beautiful fancy white markings! Absolutely stunning! Here are a few pictures of her new husband “JackPot” below. Be sure to read more about him on his page and view his photo album!

See many pictures of our past HavaPooKie puppies bred here at SDP: HavaPooKie Photo Album. 

Read about the HavaPooKie Breed here: The HavaPooKie Breed

Be sure to see more pictures of Raisin & JackPot’s past puppies at all ages & new puppies after they are born as I update their pictures every 2 weeks in their photo album!

Raisin with her Newborn HavaPooKie Puppies!

Deposits below placed for Raisin & JackPot’s new litter of 3 HavaPooKie puppies born October 25th. They will be ready to go Dec 20th, 2018 at 8 weeks old. (Santa’s surprise puppies!?!)

  1. Elise from AZ – Choc Merle Tweed Tux female puppy
  2. Kim from IL – Choc Merle Tweed Tux male puppy
  3. Sarah from OK– Choc Merle Parti female puppy

Little Raisin is retiring after these puppies. She is going to a wonderful family who have one of her past puppies!!! Folks left over on her waiting lists that passed here will move over to Patch’s waiting list. If you are interested in a HavaPooKie puppy please look at Patch’s & Riddle’s puppies.

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