Raisin’s HavaPooKie Puppies
Expecting: Raisin’s HavaPooKie Puppies

Our own home bred best-of-the-best Chocolate Merle Tuxedo HavaPoo “SDP Sun Made Raisin” married our Golden Yorkie ” SDP Little Britches” and had their HavaPooKie puppies! WoW! All healthy as horses! This is a new breed developed here by SDP and registered with the IDCR. They are every bit as nice as PolkaDot’s puppies (also a breed developed here)!

Raisin with her Newborn HavaPooKie puppies! She is VERY proud!!

(Shades of brown & beige with flashy white tuxedo markings, some with merle speckling) All will have green/hazel eyes with an occasional sky blue eyed puppy! WoW!!! They are everything I had hoped for and more! You can see pics of her 1st litter of puppies all grown up now in Raisin’s Past Puppies photo album!

Here are some examples of what I expect this breed to be very similar to:

I rarely keep my own puppies to use in my breeding program but occasionally there is a very special one that REALLY stands out. Raisin is one of them! What a wonderful calm, gentle personality! She is already a legend in her own time around here! We waited a long time for these puppies! Be sure to look at both parents “Sun Made Raisin” & “Little Britches” individual pages and albums! I expect them to be average 10-15 pounds as adults. These are bred specifically for friendly, happy, durable family dogs that will be everybody’s best friend! They should have good long 15-17 year life spans. I expect them to be some of the best puppies I have ever raised.  🙂

Raisin with her Newborn HavaPooKie Puppies

Raisin’s HavaPooKie puppies are registered with the IDCR 25% Havanese, 25% Mini Poodle, 50% Golden Yorkie. They are $1,700 for solid color puppies, $2,000 for puppies with white markings,  $2,500 for the rare color patterned merle puppies.

Raisin has dumped her 1st husband (Little Britches) for our new young fellow that has been courting her lately! He is our new VERY rare colored Chocolate/Honey Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”! Their puppies are expected to be the same as her previous puppies with Britches but bi & tri-color and quite unique beautiful fancy white markings! Absolutely stunning! Here are a few pictures of her new husband “JackPot” below. Be sure to read more about him on his page and view his photo album!

Be sure to see pictures of Raisin’s past puppies and watch their new puppies grow after they are born as I update their pictures every 2 weeks in thier photo album!

Deposits placed for Raisin & JackPot’s next HavaPooKie puppies expected Dec 1st, 2017. They will be ready to go around Jan 22nd, 2018:

  1. Sandy from OR
  2. Regan from Key West (also on Pebbles’ list)-passing here
  3. Meryl from OH (also on CupCake’s list)
  4. Michele from ON (also on Lily’s list)
  5. Scott from IL – His 4th puppy from us! – Prof Dog trainer with Cesar!
  6. Shelly from NV (also on Cheerio’s list)
  7. Charles from FL (also on Bling’s list)
  8. Jocelyn from OH (also on Dixie’s list)

Now we all know that it is quite probable that little Raisin may not have a litter this large! She usually has 5 to 7 puppies. This list will change some after the puppies are born. Some folks may go on to wait on her next winter litter if there is not a puppy of their preferred color or gender available for them here. Some may get a puppy from another litter altogether. Others will move up in line for choice when others decide to wait for her next puppies. Having a deposit down will definitely hold your place in line. I promise it will be worth your patience! 🙂

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The Sunny Day Puppies Difference:

All my beautiful puppies are very well socialized with people, several other dogs of all sizes, and many farm animals too! They are naturally used to using the bathroom outside already, well away from their food & bedding. They come when called & follow very well. They are very happy, friendly little puppies. They wash my face quite thoroughly every day with their tiny tongues! When they are old enough & ready to go to their new homes, they easily adjust & are much easier to house break & train. Be sure to read all about “The SDP Difference” – how I breed and raise my puppies.

Flying your puppy? No worries! I have flown puppies all over the U.S.A. without incident for years. I prepare them well!  I have recently changed to only using my Puppy Nanny’s. They are WONDERFUL! The puppies are carried on board in their lap, loved on & cuddled, taken to the bathroom for potty breaks on a potty pad, and cared for every step of the way!  Information about all of this in my “Placing A Deposit” page.

I have a real good book “How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With” that I give all my new puppy owners. This little pup highly recommends it!

I have a real good book "How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With" that I give all my new puppy owners. This little pup highly recommends it!