Summer Trails!!!

The doggies are keeping me laughing this summer! We are really enjoying our BEAUTIFUL weather!!!

We are having a BLAST romping through the woods, chasing squirrels, horses & cattle, and cooling off in the creek after all that fun! See lots more funny pics in my Albums!


Dawn Landreth

2015-08-29 14:07:49 Reply

Loving This! thanks soo Much for sharing! LOVE Your pups— Especially the Merle Pps— They are Soooooo Beautiful… Too much Fun!! Can’t wait to put my name on your list!! xo-D

Dawn Landreth

2015-09-01 14:55:37 Reply

What were the names of the two places you recommend people stay when they come to pick up their pup??? Are they nice? Thinking We (husband and I) may come to visit sometime soon –next couple of weeks. Will let you know In advance.. Looking Forward to meeting you (and your Pups!) xo-D


2015-09-02 21:39:28 Reply

please help me find a great brown yorkie poo for my daughter!
She loves puppies and was crazy looking at your site!
Can I buy one!
I am in Miami
Phone 786-623 7110
Bruno and cristine

Thank you

    Mary Lisa Carter

    2015-09-09 00:01:30 Reply

    Take a look at my web site at the address below (I update it daily) – it will answer many of your questions on who is pregnant, when their litters are expected, and how many deposits on on that litter already. I also have TONS of pictures there of the parent dogs, pedigrees, parents’ sizes/weights, what size I expect their puppies to be as adults, pics of past puppies they have had, and lots of fun pics to give you an idea of each dogs personalities. 


2016-08-01 14:43:53 Reply

Very interested in nibbles if he’s still available!! 419-388-4534. If you have another dog similar to him, that would be great. Wouldn’t d also be interested in a mixture of a havanese/yorkie!! Thank you!

    Mary Lisa Carter

    2016-08-01 17:13:03 Reply

    Please look at my website where I have all about my puppies! I keep it updated daily. I am sure you will enjoy it! Then email me if you stall have any questions and I will be looking forward to your email!

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