Available Grey & Tan White Tuxedo Sunshine Puppy!!

Good day!

I am announcing this to all of the folks who signed up for my newsletter just in case you have not been keeping an eye on my website to see what’s going on here at Sunny Day.

It doesn’t happen often to be able too get a Sunny Day puppy without a year or so wait! Flower’s little Sunshine puppy is available! He is cuter than the dickens and of course sweet as pumpkin pie! Quite the smart, friendly little fellow too! And a Very rare beautiful blend of colors!

He will be ready to go to his new home October 26th at 8 weeks old. You can learn all about the little fellow, his parents, grand-parents, and even great-grand parents here: Flower’s Sunshine Puppies

Sunshine puppy for sale

This is Grey/Tan Tri-color White Tuxedo Male  BLUE collar below. There are over 200 more action pictures of him, his litter, Mommy Flower & daddy Captain Crunch in their photo album! He has the BLUE collar on so you can tell him from his brothers & sisters. He is such a SWEET, cuddly, loving, smart, FUN little fellow!!! He is quite the socialite and would make a very good therapy dog.
 Email me from my website if you have any questions about this little fellow!
This little fellow is now going to Dustie & Randy from PA!!! If you are interested in a puppy like him you are welcome to get on our waiting list! 

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