Available YorkiePoo Puppy!!

Available Black / Tan Male YorkiPoo Puppy!

Black & Tan Male YorkiePoo Puppy
Black & Tan Male YorkiePoo Puppy

Congrats to Patty from SC!! This cute little fellow is going to be hers!!!

Our new Mini Poodle Mommy “TicTac” had a litter of 7 puppies May 21st and there is going to be one puppy available!!! And my goodness, he is sure a FUN little fellow!! Sweet as Pumpkin pie and LOVES to give kisses!!! Personality plus of course!

Read all about the little feller’s Mom “TicTac” & his Dad “JackPot”, see TONS of action pictures of him, & see our past YorkiPoo Puppies on my VERY comprehensive website! Prepare to soak up some Puppy Love!!! Get started here with this link!

TicTac’s YorkiePoo Puppies | Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle

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  1. Going to talk to my husband now. Had my phone off! . Is he already taken?

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