HavaPoo (Havanese/Poodle)

HavaPoo (Havanese/Poodle) Breeder


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  1. I would love to find a female havapoo puppy. We live near San Francisco, CA.

    1. I have several puppies out your way! Please look at my website where I have all about my puppies! I keep it updated daily. I am sure you will enjoy it! Then email me if you stall have any questions and I will be looking forward to your email!

  2. Hi I would like a 1st generation Havapoo. Reading your website I am unsure of how many litters you have yearly. I do want a toy size, male, any color but black. I have a 1st generation black 9 month old female (spayed) cockapoo. Intelligent and I love her! Father was a standard size AKC poodle and female AKC Havanese. I I will happily put a deposit down once you recommend the parents who have puppies whom adult weight won’t exceed 15 pounds or less. I live in Northern California. We have always had Border Collies, working dogs, cattle. My cockapoo, Noccchi, (Italian for no eyes) is a doll . She does look as if hasn’t any eyes because of long hair, dark eyes, hidden at times with the Old Sheep Dog look, etc. Our Border Collies are afraid of her because they ca’t make eye contact. Silly dogs. Thanks you, Cathy