Busy Weekend Around Here!!

Two of our new girls Toy Poodle “Cheerio” and Lhasa Apso “Tickle” both had a very busy weekend here! They had their first puppies on the same day!! They did SO well with their new babies all tucked in and cozy. VERY proud Mommies!!!

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  1. The pups are just lovable darlings. You get to enjoy them , their kisses , antics etc. Then the families are lucky to receive the pups!

  2. Awwwwwwe!!!! They are absolutely beautiful Mary Lisa. It’s been a while since I talked to you but we are STILL going to get our new addition to our family from you, just had to change the timing on the process. I will be in touch soon. Enjoy all of your new pups!!

  3. Can only imagine….little squeaky sounds, lots of licks and the pure smell of “puppy” breath in so many at one time. Looking forward to the day we can make our own puppy fulfill our home.

  4. Mary Lisa …..just checking on LILLY AND JACKPOT…i remember you saying the pups would be arriviing in late spring or early summer…is that correct..since losing my GLORY..i can not wait to get one of your puppies….always checking on all the excitement going on at your house..may you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year…to you and your family…Kathy

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