Celebrating the Beautiful Weather with the Dogs!

Awe, I do LOVE the Fall! I thought I’d take some pictures of the dogs today enjoying the day to share with you! We took a walk down to the creek, and found many adventures along the way, even some paw-paws! I ate those so I don’t have a picture of them…  🙂

Now you can laugh at these silly doggies as much as I did today!


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  1. Awesome! What happy dogs and fortunate to have you as their pack leader. We are so happy to have Duncan and will send another picture soon. He’s doing very well and is quite famous around our neighborhood.

  2. i can smell the cool mix of the earth in the morning air and hear the soft flicks and splashes of the inviting stream as they all journey on their walk. beautiful, i want to go to doggie camp too!
    it’s also so different to see the foo-foo dogs have much fun getting down and dirty. why should only the sporting dogs have all the fun?

  3. Looks like fun at the Sunny Day Resort/Camp. Bet if they could talk or sing- “What a day for a daydream!”…. or “Good Day Sunshine” I know they were having a great time

  4. Thanks! Looks like all those doggies are really lovin that water. Especially the mud, oh so squishy in fashionable shades of brown!

  5. Oh I just LOVE THESE PHOTOS Mary Lisa!!! —- They truly are living in a heaven-like existence. No doubt in my mind! —– No wonder the pups are all so happy, healthy, stable, and well-rounded in all things: human, canine, nature! To name just a few! —— It’s like having emotionally stable human parents raising children. To me they’re exactly the same thing. —— You provide such contentment and wonder for all of your dogs……….It fills my soul. —- I feel so lucky to be on a waiting list for a ShihPoo puppy from you. ——

  6. OMG they are having a blast..I can feel their joy just looking at the photos..Now this is the life – easy, breezy, enjoying each moment of nature..I needed my rubber boots and take the hike with the canines so much fun luv it..I have yet to purchase a pup from Mary but the decision of what kind is so hard, when I c them I want them all! Need bigger house for sure luv my dogs..I am leaning more toward the Havenshire because they have everything I want in a pet n some..
    Thank U for your love and diligence and allowing us to be apart of your life…Bringing people from all around the states together brings a bond. God has blessed you with a gift..Look forward to meeting you…

    1. Gretta, That was a BEAUTIFUL thing to say!!! I sure hope I meet you someday!!! I think maybe we are allot alike!!! Maybe you can go for a hike someday with my dogs & I ?!
      Mary Lisa

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