Coming Soon – Live streaming video of our Puppies!!!

Stay tuned for live streaming video of our puppies birth, growing up, and playing with their mommy dog and littermates!

I am SO excited!!! My sweet hubby and I have been spending the weekend (our anniversary by the way) laying underground wire for Wifi to the dog house, barn & yards! Our plan is to put in cameras so our puppy buyers can watch their puppies be born, grow, and play on their own computers at home LIVE!!!! Now I can finally share all the wonderful moments with everyone!!! My dream come true!!! More updates to come as we get the cameras up & going.DoghouseBarn

I share all kinds of CUTE pictures of our dogs, puppies, and some of our grown pups in their homes all over the country on our Facebook Page! Head on over and have a look! We definitely have a lot of fun on the farm, rain or shine, any season!

And don’t forget to see what kinds of puppies we have available right now! Click here to see what’s available, who’s expecting, and who’s already found their new families! Want to see our collection of pictures and stories from happy puppy owners? Find them here! They sure do make me smile, I hope you like them too!

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Can’t wait to see the footage! Happy Anniversary – your husband should get some bonus points for that!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two, Mr. and Mrs. Carter. I would love to have seen video of you two laying that wire! So cute!!!! I have a feeling he feels the same way about you, Mary Lisa!
    I am with Miss LeeAnne and simply cannot wait to see Goldilocks babies! (course I just love looking at all of them – truly you have the most beautiful puppies!!!) You are just the best ever!!! Thank you for all you do for all of us!!!

    1. Thank you Linda! Truly though – raising these little babies is really a dream come true for me. It’s something I ALWAYS wanted to do and finally got the chance. And after all the fun of raising them, I get to meet so many dog lovers just like me! What a bonus that is!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Can’t wait to see the video – so exciting!!!!!

  4. Hi, I’ve been diligently looking for a little mixed breed female puppy. Lately I’ve been interested in Shih-poos but I also like Yorkie-Poos. do you sell outside of Ohio? I’m in Delaware.

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