Daddy “Milo” baby-sitting his ShihPoo Puppies

Milo Baby-sitting his ShihPoo Puppies
Milo Baby-sitting his ShihPoo Puppies

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    1. I previously bred ShihPoo (ShihTzu / Poodle) puppies as you may have wondered why I have changed to the HavaPoo puppies. Well, I am going to explain here: When I began breeding the Designer Dogs, most folks were unfamiliar with the Havanese breed since they are fairly new to America. The breed itself (in my opinion) is a much heartier breed. They also have that wonderful personality as the ShihTzu but do not have the flat face which contributes to teeth and sinus problems. The Havanese also seems to have more tolerance to toxins (stronger liver / kidney) and a stronger immune system. I know that the ShihPoo mix breed is very hard to improve on but – nothing is impossible! It can be done with the HavaPoo! As you can see I breed for Healthy/Hearty puppies. ( I spelled it that way on purpose!) LOL  I have retired my ShihTzu daddies & I now no longer breed the ShihPoo puppies although my ShihPoo puppies were quite healthy, it  narrowed down our chances on perfect health, good teeth/jaw alignment, and no breathing/sinus problems. Even if you are dead set on a ShihPoo, you may want to highly consider the HavaPoo. You may not want to miss out on one of these wonderful little puppies!

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