The Dogs & I are Enjoying Spring!

enjoying spring and loving life


 enjoying spring and loving life

My Dogs & I Enjoying the Beautiful Sunny Day!

My dogs & I sure enjoyed the beautiful spring weather today! I don’t know who enjoyed it more – them or me! Sunny & warm, the grass is green, the flowers are starting to peek up though the earth… WoW! We are enjoying spring and loving life!

I share all kinds of CUTE pictures of our dogs, puppies, and some of our grown pups in their homes all over the country on our Facebook Page! Head on over and have a look! We definitely have a lot of fun on the farm, rain or shine, any season!

  1. Robin 4 years ago


  2. Peggy Thal 4 years ago

    Best photos ever. I think your dogs are smiling. They look so happy!

  3. Sandie 4 years ago

    Looks like your babies are loved so much! We have 2 amazing puppies at this time, but surely will keep you in mind when we have friends and family looking for new family members. Our 2 amazing dogs are all that we can handle at this time, but… if we ever decide that we need more love in our lives, we will keep you in mind as well.

  4. Carol 4 years ago

    Where are you located?

  5. Gladys Larson 3 years ago

    I’m sort of embarrassed that I’ve never heard of this before but at the animal clinic that I took my “granddog” to recently I was asked what I thought was a peculiar question: Why wasn’t Bruiser’s tail docked?!
    I told her that my daughter thought it was cute. Then I googled it. I just wanted to express my appreciation that you had not participated in what we consider a barbaric custom that has no practical reason, only appearance.
    My daughter purchased Bruiser and Bella almost four years ago from you. They are very much treasured members of our family, and loved by all. Most of the time.
    I honestly don’t know if not docking is your general rule, but I am so very glad these two are intact.

    • Author
      Mary Lisa Carter 3 years ago

      Hi Gladys! Good to hear from you and glad to hear little Bruiser & Bella are doing so well! I REALLY hope that us humans ALL decide to quite that awful custom soon. I see that dogs do have the “phantom pain” in their missing docked tails as we humans do when we loose an extremity. The dogs just deal with it & hide the pain. And I just LOVE to see those beautiful tails wag!!!

  6. Nancy Douglas 2 years ago

    Please let me know if you have a female yorkiepoo available. I miss my sweet girl and would love to have another yorkiepoo.

    • Author
      Mary Lisa Carter 2 years ago

      Yes! There are TWO YorkiPoo girls available!!! Take a look at my web site !!! (I update it daily)

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