Exciting News from Sunny Day Puppies Maternity Ward!!!

Puppies Have Arrived!!! HavaPoo (Poodle / Havanese) & HavaPooKie (HavaPoo / Yorkie) Puppies!!!

Patch, Echo, & Riddle ALL have a VERY BIG surprise!! They have been quite busy this past week – they all had puppies! My goodness! It sure has been an EXCITING week here in the Sunny Day Puppies Maternity Ward!!!

Our home bred Choc Merle Tux HavaPoo girl “Patch” and her sweet Chocolate Parti Yorkie hubby “JackPot” had their HavaPooKie puppies March 9th! And my goodness, are they a BEAUTIFUL litter of puppies!

HavaPoo Patch with her Litter of 8 HavaPooKie Puppies!

Our Blue Merle Tuxedo Moyen Poodle girl “Echo” had 8 BEAUTIFUL HavaPoo Puppies March 11th!!! Echo has pretty much become a Legend around here for her colorful puppies!

Moyen Poodle Echo with her 8 HavaPoo Puppies!

And last, but not least, our HavaPoo Riddle had 4 HavaPooKie puppies March 14th! WoW! What an exciting week it has been!!! My goodness!!!

HavaPoo Riddle with her Newborn HavaPooKie Puppies!

Read all about these Non-shedding & Hypo-allergenic puppies, their parents & grandparents, and see past puppies at all ages on my website. I have put up well over 150 pictures of them! I will be updating the new puppy pictures every 2 weeks. It will be FUN to watch them grow!

These babies will be ready for their new homes May 3rd – 9th of 2020. In consideration of the Virus my husband & I and our puppies are still safe out here on our Farm. We can still offer ground & air transport without a problem with our special precautions.

Be sure to read about “The SDP Difference” and you will see why I have developed such a reputation all over our country and my puppies are so often called for ahead of time!  You may have to wait a little while for your puppy but I assure you that your puppy will be worth your wait!!!  🙂

Learn about our HavaPoo & HavaPooKie breeds, Non-shedding & Hypo-allergenic puppies, their parents & grandparents, and see past puppies at all ages on my website. Email me from there if you still have any questions.

The SDP Way of Breeding Puppies

The SDP Way of Raising Puppies

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  1. Super interested. Please send info on which ones available etc. where are you located?

  2. May I ask if the black and white, grey and white and brown and whit of the Havapoo that Riddle had, or any of these girls? How much and how much for shipping
    I’m in Coeur d Alene, I’d so shipping will be to Spokane, a Washington

  3. I love your puppies! I have been looking for a Hava-Poo or Hava -Pookie and have heard you are a reputable breeder. Do you have any pups? If so what are your prices

  4. I have been searching and searching and happy I found your website. My family and I are interested in a havapoo. We had a shih poo for 17 years. He was wonderful, but decided to try a different breed. That’s interesting that you used to breed them. I would like to make a deposit, I will navigate the website to see how to do that. Thanks!!

  5. Wow puppies galore! I would love to adopt any HavaPoo mix that is available! They are all so adorable please let me know when and which ones are available .

  6. I’m looking for a Hava-Apso Puppy. Do you have any available or expect some to be born soon? I’d also like to see some pictures of previous litters. Please let me know where you are located and maybe I’ll plan a visit when it’s possible, with COVID-19 not sure what your procedures are for visitors. Gat back to me at your earliest convenience.
    thank you, Boni

  7. Hello,
    We have a 2 1/2 year old male Yorkie-Poo named Harry. We would love to find him a brother. Would you be expecting any Yorkie-Poo pups in the near future ?
    Thank you

  8. Hello,
    We have a 2 1/2 year old male Yorkie-Poo named Harry. We would love to find him a male playmate. Will you be expecting pups in the near future ?
    Thank you
    Claire Connolly

  9. Thinking of the expectant mommies! Watching for them has been the most amazing distraction through work (yay nurses week!) and quantine!

  10. Hello, I am interested in adopting a sweet little HavaPoo puppy. I am not sure how I can tell if you have any available, at the present time or when you will be expecting more. We just had to say goodbye to our 15 year old Maltese four weeks ago and our home feels so lonely without a dog. Looking forward to welcoming a new addition to our family. I have looking through your site and have learned so much and admire your breeding philosophy. I would love to speak to you in more detail.

    1. We are interested in a havapoo puppy just wondering if you are expecting any new litters? We can’t wait to hear back from you!

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