Exciting News from Sunny Day Puppies Maternity Ward!!!

Available HavaApso (Lhasa Apso / Havanese) & HavaPooKie (HavaPoo / Yorkie) Puppies!!!

CupCake, Riddle, & Patch ALL have a VERY BIG surprise!! They have been quite busy this past week – they all 3 had puppies! My goodness! It sure has been an EXCITING week here in the Sunny Day Puppies Maternity Ward!!!

Our home bred Choc Merle Tux HavaPoo girl “Patch” and her sweet Chocolate Parti Yorkie hubby “JackPot” had their HavaPooKie puppies! And my goodness, are they a BEAUTIFUL litter of puppies!!!

Havanese / Mini Poodle / Yorkie Puppies for sale
Just look at Patch’s HavaPooKie Puppies! (Havanese / Mini Poodle / Yorkie)

Our Black Tuxedo Lhasa Apso “CupCake” below with her 3 HavaApso Puppies! Her hubby was our Havanese “Jolly Jeep”!

Havanese / Lhasa Apso Puppies for sale
CupCake is very proud of her Newborn HavaPoo Puppies! (Havanese / Lhasa Apso)

Our home bred Blue Merle Tux HavaPoo girl “Riddle” and her sweet Chocolate Parti Yorkie hubby “JackPot” had their HavaPooKie puppies! And my goodness, are they a BEAUTIFUL litter of puppies!!!

Havanese / Poodle / Yorkie Puppies for sale
And then Riddle blows the socks off both CupCake & Patch by having SIX HavaPooKie puppies!!! You can see what she thinks about that!!!

Yes, I have been spending more nights with my new little mommies than with my poor hubby lately – but he is used to that & he still LOVES me anyway!!! Thank goodness!  🙂

Read all about these Non-shedding & Hypo-allergenic puppies, their parents & grandparents, and see past puppies at all ages on my website. I will be updating the new puppy pictures every 2 weeks. It will be FUN to watch them grow!

Available Now: CupCake’s HavaApso Puppies | Havanese/Lhasa Apso

Available Now: Patch’s HavaPooKie Puppies | Havanese/Poodle/Yorkshire Terrier

Available Now: Riddle’s Puppies | Yorkie/Havanese/Poodle Puppies

 – I have a little favor to ask of you folks who already own one of my puppies.

I have recently added my website to Google Search & I need some reviews there. I would like for my new potential puppy buyers to feel as comfortable as possible getting a puppy from me. It would be helpful to have some nice things on there so they know they can trust me! There are too many untrustworthy people out there (as we all know)… I will REALLY appreciate it if you might take a minute or two & write a little something there for me?!?! And THANK YOU in advance!!! This will mean allot to me. 🙂
The way you do it is type in “Sunny Day Puppies” to your search box . Then, I expect my listing with my picture will come up at the top or side of your device (phone of whatever). Then if you click on “Review”, you can rate me with stars and write something nice!! I think it may ask you to sign in with your Google account. That’s ok – I hope you have one. If not it’s really easy to make one.

6 Responses

  1. I have a Havshire Lucy from
    Sunny day puppies
    My best buddy ever
    She is the happiest and spirited dog i have ever.own

  2. Our two havashires, Lucy and Duncan, are our fifth and sixth children. So smart and loving. They are two years old. Too precious for words.

  3. I have a Shorkie (Moppy & Britches were his parents!), named Gus, that I purchased from Sunny Day almost 3 years ago. He is the healthiest, happiest and sweetest baby I could have hoped for! Sunny Day treats EVERY SINGLE ONE of their babies as if they will be living in Mary leases home forever. They have the most immaculate birthing facility and “home farm“ I have ever visited! Look no further, puppy parents! You have found the perfect breeder for your new baby!! ❤️❤️

  4. Do you have any Havapoo’ or Havapookie’s available? We lost one of our two king cavaliers a few months ago and are looking to add to the family.

  5. I want one of your puppies. You really know how to raise these little guys!

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