Exciting News Happening at Sunny Day Puppies!!

Exciting News Happening at Sunny Day Puppies

My goodness, it’s been exciting around here this past couple weeks!!! Not much sleep has been going on but man-o-man, has it been worth it! I could hardly wait to post this newsletter to tell you all about it! There’s so much happening at Sunny Day Puppies!

First of all, Cheerio had 5 HavaPoo puppies on August 5th, then Lily had 7 Sunshine (my own developed breed) on August 7th, then Echo had 8 HavaPoo puppies August 9th! Little CupCake is in the very early stage of labor for her HavaApso puppies as I am writing this!!! All Mommy’s are doing wonderfully and are just as proud as I am of all these BEAUTIFUL puppies!

As you can see, we are all very busy in my labor & delivery nursery!

Exciting News Happening at Sunny Day Puppies!!

I am posting pictures of these babies and their proud Mommies on my website (a few on their page and MANY in my albums) where they will be updated every 2 weeks. Be sure to see them and watch them grow!

For the folks who have deposits down waiting anxiously for these puppies, I will be posting their choices on their puppy pages as choices are made. Please keep an eye on those pages to see when it will be your turn to make your choice. Since many folks are on 2 waiting lists, they will be removed from their 2nd back-up list as they pick their puppy – this causes other folks to move up in line for choice. Also, some folks may not be quite ready for their new puppy just yet. So, you may be #15 for choice on a litter of 5 or 6, and still be able get get a puppy!

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  1. Woot-woot!! Congratulations on all of your beautiful new babies Mary Lisa! I’m so glad to hear that all of the mommies are doing well, & you must be equal parts exhausted & excited. What a wonderful & delightful time for so many families soon to be adding a new member to the crew. Truly a beautiful bunch of babies….
    Cheers! ~Summer

  2. Wish states beginning with O were closer to each other. I would leave OK to see those wonderful additions in person. That would be awsome. I would drive you crazy with questions. You’d have to lock me in with the pups to get some rest! … or send me home.
    Congratulations. I’m really glad you get to do something you love so much.
    Hoping to visit someday,

  3. I would dearly love one of your puppies! I am not on a list as yet! I need to know first where you are and how we would be able to get the puppy. Also price is important.

  4. Hello. Please tell me if you permit people to come and look at the puppies and shoes from the litter? Please let me know where you were located. I would not feel comfortable shipping and little puppy. I would much prefer to pick up the new baby myself. Thank you very much, Viva

  5. Hi,
    I’m looking for a yorkie poo puppy…
    Can’t wait to see the new litter…
    Love Jackpot. His coloring is beautiful…
    Nicole from CA

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