Flying Your Puppy?

Transport Your Puppy With My Nanny

Flying your puppy? No worries! I have flown puppies all over the U.S.A. without incident for years. I prepare them well.  I only fly them with my Puppy Nanny’s. They are WONDERFUL!  They are puppy loving and VERY skilled nannies. Your puppy is carried on board in their lap, loved on & cuddled at all times, and cared for every step of the way! They have food, treats, cheweys, and water during their trip. (and of course toys to play with!)


 During airport layovers, my nanny will take your puppy to a safe location so they may relieve themselves. This will usually be a family/companion restroom on a pee pad. They remain low key to avoid people gathering and wanting to pet and/or handle your puppy. Your puppy may already be a little shaken due to traveling, excessive handling is the last thing they need.

 We will set up a few possible flight dates when your puppy is 6 weeks old. I will need you to email me with the name of 2 airports near to you in the order of your preference & your cell number so she can keep in contact with you.

Golden Doodle
“Can you please give me a little push?”

It is not “convenient” for either my puppy buyers or me to fly my puppies with my nannies. Please by advised that generally my nannies fly on a standby basis, therefore it’s difficult to determine the best flights/times for your delivery until usually within a week prior to your scheduled delivery date. My nanny will be contacting you approximately 5 days prior to the scheduled delivery with estimated delivery information. The actual time of arrival into your airport may change as to the available flights. My nanny will keep in constant contact with you on your cell phone during your puppy’s trip.

The experience for your puppy is SO much different than the other option of flying them in a kennel in the cargo area of the jet that I now only use my nannies. With this experience of flying in my nanny’s lap, it is actually a great experience for you puppy and advances their learning in a good, positive way. That is a HUGE difference from the scary experience your puppy would have in a cage, in the cargo area of the jets.
Also, in order for this not to cost my puppy buyers a ton of money, we need to fly 2 puppies at a time. We all have to be flexible on delivery days & times.

Keep in mind that it is also not easy on my part. I am usually “on call” for quite some time waiting for my nanny to give me the go ahead and bring the puppy to her. So you see, it is also not very easy on my side either. It would be easier for me to just pack up the puppy, put it in a crate, and fly it cargo. But I do not fly them cargo because I like to do what is best for the baby puppy and flying them with my nannies IS best!

Flying Puppies During Our Pandemic

Since the covid our long time friend Jennifer Bonzo has been delivering all of my puppies. Jennifer does not work for the airlines so she does need to buy tickets to deliver all of the puppies. It is so much nicer for everyone to be able to fly without the stand-by problems. We know she will get a seat on the plane this way! We generally fly the puppies around 8-9 weeks of age. The total nanny/flight cost is generally $450-$600 (Cost are more during this virus pandemic bc of the increased risk & precautions that Jennifer needs to take). This includes airfare. We have no control over the cost of plane tickets but Jennifer works hard at shopping for them to keep your costs down as much as she can. She is GOOD!!

My puppy nanny does not fly into Canada but she can fly your puppy to the border where you can meet her, pick up your puppy, and take you pup across yourself. Usually, all you will need at the border is a bill of sale from me which I will of course provide. You will need a special health certificate which I can get for you from my vet shortly before your puppy flies. Extra cost for health certificate is $100.

(I do not fly puppies as a business or for other breeders/people – only my own puppies.

Ground Transport

I have a very reputable, sweet woman who offers ground transport to folks in the eastern & mid-western states. I will not allow my puppies to be picked up by any other company. She charges around $1/ mile. She picks up your puppy here and bring him/her directly to your door! (Again, she may charge more during this virus pandemic bc of the increased risk & precautions she is taking)