My Grand-daughter Paige Singing Puppies to Sleep!

It was so so sweet to see my little girl singing puppies to sleep! I was taking pictures today of Goldilocks new puppies as they were 2 weeks old and time to update them when my little granddaughter Paige came by with her daddy (my son). Well of course she wanted to help me get the new photos. We set them all out on the front porch to take advantage of the natural light and she placed them all ever-so-gently in her lap and proceeded to sing her soft, sweet make-up lullabies to them until they all fell fast asleep!  Here are the pictures that I took!!!


I share all kinds of CUTE pictures of our dogs, puppies, and some of our grown pups in their homes all over the country on our Facebook Page! Head on over and have a look! We definitely have a lot of fun on the farm, rain or shine, any season!

And don’t forget to see what kinds of puppies we have available right now! Click here to see what’s available, who’s expecting, and who’s already found their new families! Want to see our collection of pictures and stories from happy puppy owners? Find them here! They sure do make me smile, I hope you like them too!

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  1. Priceless pictures of beautiful little Paige and the precious puppies. Anyone can see why puppies are so well adjusted when they get to their forever homes from Sunny Day.

  2. How adorable is that!!! One of the things I love about your puppies is that they are all part of your whole family!!!

  3. The love these animals must feel flowing all around them every day must fill their sweet puppy hearts and yours with happiness and joy! Every child be they canine or human should know such love! Thank you for sharing these heartwarming pics! Take care,
    Tamara – NY

  4. Mary Lisa –
    What wonderful photos of the pups & your darling granddaughter!
    I LOVE it that she sang them to sleep all around her. — I completely agree, the atmosphere you have at your home, is TRULY AMAZING. —– To have children and all the puppies you have carefully brought into the world, thriving in all of your love and positivity, is a lesson for all in HOW TO RAISE A CHILD or A PUPPY, in complete harmony of spirit, draped 24/7 with “love”. —–
    I feel so fortunate to one day being a Mom to one of your babies.
    Madison, WI

    1. Awe thank you SO much! I feel that I am the luckiest person alive to have the opportunity to do this with all my animals and children!!! Kids are the only thing more fun than animals and I get to have BOTH!!! I thank God every day!!!

  5. These photos are beyond precious! Please ask sweet Paige to lullaby our little “Patch” (from Dixie Chicks litter) with the same loving attention! And take a few picture if you can! We can’t wait for him to come home to us soon! Elaine and Bob, Marblehead, Mass.

  6. What great pictures! It really shows how your pups are cared for and loved. People are lucky to get the pups. Paige is adorable as are your pups.

  7. So cool. So Doc’s brother is named Patch. Dixie Chicks first babies. Awesome. We are getting super loved, spoiled babies. So exciting. Can’t wait to come up!!!!!! Paige and the puppies are so adorable.
    Thanks for everything!!!


  8. I love these pictures of your granddaughter, Paige with the puppies! Paige is adorable, and the picture with all of the puppies around her is even better! I know you will keep these photos to show her when she’s older. It is also good to see how you and your family love to spoil the babies!!

  9. Hi there! I’m so blessed to see how awesome you & your family love & care for all your babies (human & canine)! I was wondering how far is Sunny Day from Bucks County, Pennsylvania?

    1. Well thank you Maria! We are in Patriot, OH. If you email me, I can send our address. If you Google Earth it, you can see our whole farm! Its pretty cool!

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