Introducing Havanese “Jolly Jeep”!

Chocolate Cafe Tuxedo Havanese “Jolly Jeep”

AKC/CKC # HA-04770767
13 pounds ; 9 inches

SDP Jolly Jeep is a very rare colored Chocolate Cafe Tuxedo Havanese. I am tickled to death with this little fellow! ALWAYS happy and ready to cheer you with his sweet, springy self! He will instantly bring a smile to everyones face the second they meet him!

Personality, health, heartiness, and SO funny!  Just look at these pictures – He ALWAYS has a big smile on his face!

We are REALLY looking forward to seeing this little Havanese fellow siring puppies around here! He will father some wonderful puppies! I expect for the year 2015, he may be “marrying” with Mini Poodle sisters “Squeek”,& “Splash”, and our Lhasa Apso “Tickle” for Hava-Poo and Hava-Apso puppies! I expect him to throw allot of Chocolate  Cafe puppies with Tuxedo markings – won’t they be beautiful! And with wonderful personalities to go right along with that!!

See more about him, his parents, and the puppies that he will produce on my sneak preview page here on my web site!

Chocolate Cafe Tuxedo Havanese “Jolly Jeep”

12 Responses

  1. What a cutie! Got to love that bounce and smile. Looks like a Hava-poo might be my future choice when Durga gets old.

  2. Hi, I think he is awesome. How big do you think his Hava-Poo babies will grow in size?

  3. Can you describe any personality and behavioral differences between pure Havanese, and a Havashire?

  4. Hello I have been looking for a dog for a long time for my family. I wanted a unique color and a poodle mix. I love everything about Jolly Jeep. He looks perfect. I want to please be on the list for his first litter of poodle mix with him. I would like a girl but a boy would be just fine. I have no problem waiting for 2015, it would be a delightfully wedding gift for me as my wedding is next year as well, please keep me informed and let me know when I can make a deposit for my lovely puppy. Thank you Janelle

  5. Can you pick up your dog from your farm?My children all live in Ohio and we come there frequently. Also how do you do the deposits?

  6. Hello I am really interested in your hava apso puppies I love the coloring of Tickels Squeeks and Pajamas puppies . Not particular about male or female just as long as they are good cuddlers as much as I would like one now I would be willing to wait until spring.I would send a check for deposit.I live in Indiana if you live in a state near Indiana I would come and pick up the puppy. So please let me know when any of the three females will have puppies and we can go from there. Thank you Karen Sefcik

    1. Hi Karen, Take a look at my web site at (I update it daily) – it will answer many of your questions on who is pregnant, when their litters are expected, and how many deposits on on that litter already. I also have TONS of pictures there of the parent dogs, pedigrees, parents’ sizes/weights, what size I expect their puppies to be as adults, pics of past puppies they have had, and lots of fun pics to give you an idea of each dogs personalities. My site is VERY well built and lots of fun!

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