LolliPop Playing Dead – is she really – or just faking it??!!

This is my Mastiff puppy’s favorite trick – Playing dead after I pretend to shoot her! So what do ya think – is she really dead of just faking?! Well, she has me fooled & is going to get a good belly rub for sure! Her favorite!!! Trust me, it’s just LolliPop Playing Dead.

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  1. Hi Mary Lisa! Just thought I’d see what’s going on in your life and say hello! This is the darn cutest thing and that “puppy” is tooooooooo much! So lovable! Our “babies” are growing but still so beautiful! Can’t tell you how many compliments we get on them – especially because of their extraordinary eyes! Merfie (our girl) has got to the be sweetest natured dog we’ve ever had and Max, while a bundle of energy, is so much fun! I walk them faithfully outside each day but yesterday Max had his first walk on the treadmill just to expend more energy and while it took him a bit, he really got the hang of it and walked with me for 20 minutes! SO CUTE!
    We love our pups and are so grateful to you for your expertise in geneology!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

    1. Hi Linda! I am SO glad to hear!!! I have to admit, I am pretty good at genetics but I am also very lucky! I have at least a dozen guardian angels!! I am really looking forward to Dreamer’s (Goldilocks daughter) next puppies also!!

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