Moyen Poodle “Promise” is Retiring!

Moyen Poodle “Promise” is going to Retire & is Available for Her Forever Home!

Moyen Poodle Female for sale
Moyen Poodle “Promise”

UPDATE 8/16/22: Promise now has a WONDERFUL new home!!! We are having a retirement party for her!!

For you folks who would prefer not going through the “puppy stages” for your new dog, 2 year old Promise is going to be available!  She is quite the delightful, lovey, fun little lady! If you are looking for TRUE LOVE – you are looking in the right place with this gal!!!

Promise is almost 2 years old with her birthday 10/17/20. The reason that I have decided too retire her so early from my breeding program is simply because she is difficult to get pregnant since my Daddy dogs are so short-legged! I also want to down-size a little.

Female Blue Merle Parti Moyen Poodle for sale

Read all about Promise on her Web Page

I occasionally have one of my dogs that are ready to retire. They have been my friends for a while and I love them very much. I usually charge very little for them (Promise will be 4K)- what is important for me & them is that they have a loving home for their life. She is well trained and it is a very good opportunity for folks to own a wonderful dog. I like to match the right dog with the right owner so they are both the best of friends for many years. That means you will need to come here and visit Promise and me to see if the match is right. I also need you to live within a reasonable drive from me here in SE Ohio in the case something comes up in your life, and I need to come and get her back from you if you need me to. It is important for me to be able to do that anytime at all so I know that she will always have a good life! I love her and I will be responsible for her for her whole life. That is my Promise to her! Email me if you are interested in her & would like to come and visit her. [email protected]

Mary Lisa

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