New HavaPoo Puppies Available!!!

Good days it is here at Sunny Day Puppies!! It has been sooooo exciting around here lately with 4 big spring litters! Most have now gone to their new homes with the last few going shortly. It is sad to see them leave but quite happy to meet the wonderful folks who are getting them and going to LOVE them for the rest of their lives! Yes, that is definitely one of my favorite times when I get to meet the families and show them their new little buddy, often for the first time in person!! I am sooooo lucky to be able to make not only the puppies, but the people happy for such a long time!!!

Daisy & Roxy had their 1st brand new HavaPoo Puppies!!

Roxy & Daisy’s new HavaPoo puppies will be ready to go the first week in September at 8 weeks old. There are several available puppies!!! Because of my long waiting lists, I introduced 2 new Mommy dogs Roxy & Daisy. They just had their 1st HavaPoo litters (Poodle/Havanese mix)! I did not take deposits on these litters ahead of time so that I could first offer them to all of the folks already waiting. I emailed them all a few days ago & only heard from a few. Now they are open to new folks who would like to place a deposit on these! Yes, these folks would not have a year wait!! Wow, that doesn’t happen very often around here!

Roxy had a litter of 8 puppies!!!

Daisy’s 5 HavaPoo Puppies | Havanese/Moyen Poodle

Daisy had a litter of 5 puppies!!!
Do you see what I mean – it’s impossible to do anything but admire all these BEAUTIFUL puppies!!! I just can’t stop gawking…
If you are on my waiting lists and have decided not to get a puppy any longer, PLEASE email me to let me know that?
I hope you all are having as wonderful a summer as I am but I really don’t know how that could be possible!!!!!  🙂
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