Our son Cody Graduated Pre-Med summa cum laude!!!

Our son Cody graduated from Pre-Med at Shawnee State University today with the highest honors!! I don’t think we could be more proud of our boy as you can probably tell from our faces!!! WoW!!!Cody Graduating Pre-Med today - We are SO PROUD!!!

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  1. How absolutely wonderful and congratulations to all of you, especially that boy who obviously is blessed with academic skills! That is a terrific and very happy looking family!

  2. What a beautiful accomplishment!!!! Congrats to your son!!!!!

  3. WOW what a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY (two legged and four legged kids) I know you all are so proud and you have every right to be, you will never know how much I enjoy loving the babies when you bring them to the airport, Thank You for letting me.. See you soon. Phil (Delta Airline)

    1. Awe, Thank you VERY much Phil! And thank you so much for always being SO caring with my puppies whenever I come to fly them with you!!! You are wonderful and it makes me SO happy to know they are in such loving hands!!

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