Feeding Your New Puppy

Feeding your Puppy & Adult Dog

I feed free choice dry “Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage” mixed with Nutri-Source canned food & a little dried goat’s milk, for my puppies and “Earthborn Primitive Natural” , rotating with Earthborn’s four “Unrefined” recipes to my adult dogs (photos below). They are meat based foods. I  supplement with our own raw natural beef, liver & eggs that we raise here & Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance. I give you a small baggie of food when you come to pick up your new puppy. If you cannot find Earthborn Puppy Vantage food at a local Pet Store, you can order it from Amazon or Cheweys & have it delivered right to your door. The first couple weeks mix canned with dry half/half 4 x day. After that, change gradually to dry food three times a day up to 6 months of age, after that 2 times a day. If your puppy does not seem to be eating enough, mix in some Stella & Cheweys Freeze Dried Food (I talk about that below). I use the canned food “Nutri Source” but any high quality canned will do. Read the ingredients. Advance as you can (at around 6 months to 1 year) to feeding only twice a day. I have never had a growing puppy overeat on dry food.


Be Prepared – Feeding Your Puppy – 1st Week

Oftentimes a puppy is stressed due to changing environments and won’t eat enough the first week. If that happens, you’ll be prepared with the MegaCal or FortiCal, but they will almost always eat the canned food or especially the Stella’s freeze-dried. The MegaCal will provide vitamins, nutrients and sugar plus stimulate his appetite for the next meal. They will have been eating dry food mixed with canned 2x/day  with free choice dry available at all times before they leave here but appetite may decrease temporarily with the stress of moving to their new home. I highly recommend buying a package of  “Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Freeze Dried Dog Food” for the times when your puppy looses his/her appetite and doesn’t want to eat. (We call it “puppy crack” around here!  If they turn it down, there is a problem!  This can be used for training treats also! Make sure your puppy has access to water all day long. At 12 weeks of age, you can start picking up the water and food bowls at night to aid in potty training but have food and water accessible all day if you aren’t there.


If you have to leave your puppy home alone all day, leave Puppy food down while you are gone. Also, before you leave, feed him a heaping tablespoon of canned or freeze-dried and again when you come home. Keep him in a fairly small enough area so he can easily find his food and water. First week, give Mega-Cal Supplement before you leave and when you return home from work if he has not eaten well. Plenty of toys & cheweys will help to keep him busy.


PLEASE beware of store bought Dog Treats!

Recently, over 10,000 dogs have died from treats that have ingredients in them that were made in China (most of it is). Trick here is that they can say on the package that they are “Made in the USA” (and they are) BUT their ingredients are sourced from China, South America or who knows where but it will be somewhere where they do not have our  FDA rules. This count is not even close to the numbers of dogs that have gotten deathly ill, then recovered after long term critical care with vet bills in the thousands. I had 3 adult dogs that were in prime, perfect condition get deathly sick and lost my little Chipper … It was a terrible death. The other two I was able to save but only after long, very intensive care. And those treats said “Made in USA”! (but ingredients were imported from China). All ingredients MUST be “Sourced in the USA” where we have strict inspectors and rules to follow!

puppy dog bones nutrition Here are some very good/safe cheweys to help you both through the puppy teething stage: Bully SticksBeef Tibial Tendons , Natures Logic Beef Tendons

Healthy Puppy Treats!

Puppy treats should be the nutritious things. My (and ALL my dogs’ top favorite treat choice is “Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Freeze Dried Raw Diet Dog Food or their “Meal Mixers”Freeze-Dried Raw Dog FoodRemember, your puppy has a very small stomach & you don’t want them to fill it up on junk food so the nutrition in your treats is important.  I have more about good SAFE treats with links to help you listed on my page “Puppy’s First Year”. Another top favorite is “Pure Bites” Liver.  The “PureBites” brand products are mostly sourced in USA but not all of them. Their Chicken jerky is good. BE SURE to sign up here for Free Recall Alerts.


My Favorite Puppy Dog Foods

There are many high quality brands of dry food available at your PET STORE, although none at most grocery stores. If you change your puppy’s diet, please look for a quality food. It is VERY important what you feed. AND, your puppy or dog needs to like it! I feed “Earthborn Primitive Natural” to my adult dogs, along with our home grown raw natural beef meat, bones & liver, and our farm raised eggs. The Earthborn company adjusted their formulas to be sure there is adequate taurine. I do have allot of faith in that company. I also feed Earthborn’s new recipes called “Unrefined – Ancient Grains & Superfoods”  rotating with their 4 “Unrefined” recipes (Turkey, Salmon, Rabbit, & Lamb).


Midwestern Pet Foods has had a recall – sadly I recommend NOT feeding this food any longer.  I am going to change foods here to Orijen & Heartland Naturals for now for my dry choices but I will keep you updated here as to my final decision on that.

UPDATE same day:

Here is the response I received from Midwestern Pet Foods when I emailed them today. They answered in only 1 hour as usual. It is encouraging although I am still a little nervous since they did have recalls earlier this year. They did take care of it very quickly as seems to be characteristic of them to be efficient at solving any problems very quickly in the past.
Hello Mary,

Regarding the FDA messaging that was recently in the news, Midwestern Pet Foods (MPF) has *not* announced an additional product recall. Rather, MPF conducted a recall in January due to the discovery of aflatoxin in some products. The issue was limited to our Chickasha, Oklahoma Facility. In March, our positive release program at another MPF facility identified some Salmonella positive test results. However, MPF destroyed the products that tested positive prior to market release. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution and in cooperation with FDA, MPF voluntarily recalled additional pet food, although MPF received no adverse event reports in connection with the recalled food.

In response to these events, MPF hired appropriate experts, conducted root cause analyses, and made extensive upgrades to its processes and systems to ensure that it addressed these issues across all of its facilities and to ensure compliance with the US Food Safety Modernization Act.

The FDA’s August 9 Letter relates to issues surrounding the January and March recalls, which MPF has addressed. MPF is not aware of any food safety issues with respect to any products currently in its facilities or warehouses or that it has shipped to customers going back to the previously conducted recalls. MPF plans to file a robust response to the FDA Letter.

As a fourth-generation family-owned company, Midwestern Pet Foods has been committed to ensuring that our products are safe and nutritious for nearly 100 years.

Below is a link to the press release regarding the recall of our pet products that occurred in March of 2021. This press release contains the list of affected products and lot numbers.


Thank you,
Earthborn Holistic Consumer Affairs

I require you to sign up for this email notification site that will email you with news of any recalls on dog food or treats: Get Free Recall Alerts. There has NEVER been a recall on any Earthborn dog food! They are a well run company.

If you choose not use my choices of dog foods, change the diet gradually over one or two weeks time. With a natural raw diet, I like the freeze-dried type because it has less chance of having salmonella, etc. Please look at the ingredients of the food that you choose. Remember, “You are what you eat”! Chemically added vitamins & minerals are fair but naturally added are MUCH better. I do advise to at least supplement with raw but be sure that it is human grade. Give your dog some fresh raw burger sometimes! That’s what they were meant to eat!  🙂  puppy dog bones nutrition

I like “The Farmers Dog” food. It is a pre-packaged natural meal that comes to you weekly frozen.

I REALLY like Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance. With these recipes you add your own meat and I recommend you also add organic grains such as brown rice- it includes more healthy ingredients than the Farmers Dog & is very easy to feed. I add it to our beef ALL my dogs LOVE it.

NomNomNow is another VERY good choice in which you can rotate recipes and have delivered weekly fresh.

Here is a link to a web site that give reviews & ratings on dog foods (although I see that lately they do not seem very accurate – maybe they are getting paid to advertise now???) :

Do not give small puppies cows milk. A lot of people do so thinking that they are being kind. It often causes diarrhea. Many dogs eat grass. This is natural and fine for them EXCEPT if it has been treated with dangerous fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Dog’s Love Bones!  – Safe vs Lethal? puppy dog bones nutrition

Dogs LOVE BONES! Are they safe? Yes & No. They are wonderful but some can be very dangerous, even lethal. Yes, I give all my dogs bones – large, non-sharp RAW BEEF bones. Bone marrow is very healthy, they help keep teeth clean, and very enjoyable for the dog. My favorite is raw beef or deer bones. Raw pork bones can contain Trichinosis but can be made safe by freezing for at least 2 weeks before feeding. I am leaving the full explanation of the dos & don’t s up to “Healthy Pets” here: Bones for Dogs – Healthy or Lethal.

FDA Investigation into Potential Link between legumes & Canine Heart Disease: Summer 2019

I have been feeding Earthborn foods for 12 years. I have had absolutely no problems & VERY healthy dogs. I have done extensive research before I chose this food along with many taste tests with my dogs. This has always been their favorite. My dogs are VERY healthy eating this. Choose food with some unrefined grains in the food.
Choose a quality food with meat as the main ingredients with legumes not in large portions. I don’t like corn in the food unless it is very little. I never see dogs grazing in our corn fields so I’m sure that wouldn’t be their favorite choice. The food doesn’t need to be grain free. Look for naturally added vitamins & minerals instead of chemically added. Compare, then see if your dog likes the food. It’s not healthy if they don’t eat it!
I have had 3 of my dogs healthy enough to live to 20 & 22, with one 24 years old and the old man was still chasing me on the tractor until last year! Yes, they were all hybrids that I bred myself!

I want you all to know that in the FDA’s report there have been zero small breed dogs of the breeds that I raise here that have actually been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. 🙂

dog food studies

You can keep updated on this FDA study at their site or here at Dog Food Advisor

My Most Recent Doggie’s Dry Food Taste Tests: Complete

Taste test complete now with my dogs of the top 16 brands from my most recent research on Dry Foods. UPDATE ON FAVORITES: (6th week of testing) #1 Orijen Puppy; #2 Earthborn Puppy; #3 Earthborn Adult Vantage; #4 Heartland Naturals; #5″Go”; #4 “Fromm”. NOTE: Although they all like the Orijen, there are allot of legumes in that food but they are listed after the TONS of meat products. I do not see any added taurine but likely it doesn’t need added taurine with all that meat. Sooooo, all things considered, the Earthborn Puppy, All 4 Unrefined Recipes, Primitive Natural, & Adult Vantage, Petland’s Heartland Naturals, Orijen Puppy or Adult are my dog’s top choices for the dry food. I recommend rotating food to get a wide range of nutrition.

puppy dog bones nutrition
Happy Puppy !!


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