CupCake’s HavaApso Puppies | Havanese/Lhasa Apso

Mini Havanese Poodle mix puppy for sale

Lhasa Apso / Havanese (HavaApso) Puppies for Sale!

Our  Black & White Tuxedo Lhasa Apso “CupCake” and our Chocolate Tuxedo Havanese  “Jolly Jeep”have beautiful HavaApso puppies! ALL Tuxedo or Parti just as I expected!!!


Tickle & Jeep’s HavaApso Puppies

LhasaApso Mom “CupCake” & Havanese Dad “Jolly Jeep”

See Mommy  LhasaApso CupCake‘s page to learn about her and her breed.

Please look at “Havanese Jolly Jeep’s” page to learn all about him and his breed.

Examples of CupCake & Jolly Jeep’s HavaApso (Havanese x Lhasa Apso) puppies pictured below. They are much like a “Mini Lhasa Apso” weighing between 12 to 17 pounds as adults. With the “hybrid vigor”, the offspring are not only heartier than both parents, but they are often larger. They are truly delightful, small, medium energy dogs, ideal for a family with children of any age or even an older person who just wants a little buddy for lap company! Smart, SWEET, very loving, and quite hardy!

Sweet & Cuddly little HavaApso Puppies (Havanese/LhasaApso)

Lhasa Apso “CupCake” and Havanese “Jolly Jeep”‘s HavaApso puppies are a repeat of their last beautiful litter! All have full tuxedo and parti markings with both black, mahogany black/browns, and sable colors! CupCake’s puppies are $2,200. Deposits are $250 non-refundable.

Be sure see pictures of their past puppies pictured at all ages, and their new puppies updated every 2 weeks after they are born in my Photo Albums!

  •  I built a new web page to help describe the colors & markings of puppies to help folks understand them better. “Puppy Colors & Markings”

CupCake is VERY proud of her 4 weeks old HavaApso Puppies! (previous litter)

Non-shedding, Hypo-allergenic, and Beautifully colored HavaApso Puppies!

CupCake’s 3 new little HavaApso (Havanese/Lhasa Apso) puppies are: 1 Black/Tuxedo male, 1 Black/Tuxedo female, & 1 Black/Tuxedo plus female.

Deposit List for Puppies:

Deposits placed for CupCake & Jeep’s new (and last) litter of 3 HavaApso puppies born Sept 7th of 2019. They will be ready to go Nov 3rd of 2019 at 8 weeks:

  1. Mary from RI – #3 Black Tuxedo female puppy (Their 2nd CupCake puppy!!)
  2. Kathleen from MN – #1 Black Tuxedo Plus female puppy
  3. Whitney from MA – #2 Black Tuxedo male puppy
CupCake with her Newborn Havanese Lhasa Apso Puppies

CupCake with her Newborn Havanese / Lhasa Apso Puppies

Little CupCake will be retiring from being a mommy after this litter so I will not be taking any additional deposits for her puppies. We have high hopes for “Flower” (one of Lily’s tri-color chocolate/tan/white tuxedo Sunshine puppies that I kept last year) to take over for CupCake! And hopefully Flower’s husband will be our new  choc/tan/tux Havanese male “Captain Crunch”! Their puppies will be much the same body type as CupCake’s  & Lily’s puppies – all choc/tan/white Tri-color except their puppies I expect will be a bit smaller – in the 10 pound range as adults.

The folks who are still on CupCake’s lists after her next litter will automatically move over to theirs. I expect their 1st puppies will be coming this winter of 2020. You are certainly welcome to get on the waiting list for Flower’s little Chocolate/Tan/White Sunshine puppies!

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