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Blue Merle Tuxedo “SDP Widdle Riddle” (Mommy) is one of my home bred & raised HavaPoo (AKA Poovanese & HavaNoodle) dogs out of our beautiful Black/Blue Merle Mini Poodle “Cheerio” and by our chocolate tuxedo Havanese “Jolly Jeep”. I am VERY proud of this little gal! She has also turned out to be exactly what I aim for in my breeding program! She, like her parents, is the “best-of-the-best!

HavaPoo Mommy “Riddle”

HavaPoo Puppy for Sale

Blue Merle Tuxedo “SDP Widdle Riddle”

Riddle is all I dreamed she would be and more! Cheerio, Jeep, and I are VERY proud! Quite the smart, sweet, funny young lady, Riddle has been such a happy girl – always the life of the party! Her tail has never stopped wagging!

Riddle’s favorite sports are hiking, swimming & playing with puppies! See many more fun photos of Widdle Riddle in my ALBUMS. Read more about her on her own page here. Blue Merle Tuxedo HavaPoo “Riddle”

Mini Blue & Chocolate Parti, Tuxedo, & Merle HavaPooKie Puppies!

Riddle’s husband is our Chocolate Parti Yorkie “JackPot”. We are VERY excited about their little ones! They are Blue Merle HavaPoo x Choc/Tan Parti Yorkshire Terrier! This crossbreed is called “HavaPooKie”! Registered with the IDCR, they are 25% Mini Poodle, 25% Havanese, 50% Yorkie These puppies are  downright stunning!!! They are everything I expected them to be! Their puppies average 10 to 15 pounds as adults.

Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”

HavaPoo Havanese Yorkshire terrier mix breed

Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”

“Delightful” is the best way to describe Riddle’s HavaPoo breed! Read all about them here: HavaPoo. Meet Riddle’s’s hubby “JackPot” here: Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”  Information about the Yorkshire Terrier breed there also. Riddle & JackPot’s puppies will of course be non-shedding & hypo-allergenic as are the 3 breeds that are combined for her HavaPooKie puppies. Their puppies are in fact bred specifically to be TOPS for a good-natured all around family dog with a LONG and HEALTHY life span!

See pictures of our past HavaPooKie puppies: HavaPooKie Photo Album. Read about the HavaPooKie Breed here: The HavaPooKie Breed

See pictures of Riddle, her husband JackPot, & previous puppies all at all ages & her new puppies updated every 2 weeks in my photo albums!

HavaPoo Puppies for sale Havanese poodle mix breed

Riddle is VERY proud of her Previous little HavaPooKie Puppies! (all in their new homes now)

I have some info on this page to help you understand & identify the color patterns: Puppy Colors & Markings

Riddle & JackPot’s HavaPooKIe puppies are $2,500, puppies with the merle pattern are $2,750. Deposits are $300 non-refundable (goes towards the price of your puppy).

Deposit Lists for Puppies:

Deposits listed below for Riddle’s new litter of 6 HavaPooKie puppies born Aug 24th of 2020. They will be ready to go Oct 19th at 8 weeks old:

  1. Judene from GA – Choc Merle Tux female puppy #4
  2. Coralia from OH – Black/White Parti male puppy #2
  3. Diane from WA – Choc Merle Parti female puppy #3
  4. Jolynn from PA – Choc Merle Parti female puppy #5
  5. Raelene from NY  Choc/Tan Tux male #1
  6. Raelene from NY   Choc Parti female#6 (2 Puppies!!)

RAELENE from NY – Choc/Tan Tuxedo Male #1
CORALIA from OH – Black/White Parti  Male #2
DIANE from WA – Choc Merle Parti Female #3
JUDENE from GA – Choc Merle Tuxedo  Female #4
JOLYNN from PA – Choc Merle Parti  Female #5
RAELENE from NY – Choc Parti Female #6

Deposits listed below for Riddle’s NEXT litter of HavaPooKie puppies expected Feb/Mar of 2021. They will be ready to go April/May 2021 at 8 weeks old:

  1. Halle from NC (also on Patch’s list)
  2. Taunya from WA (also on Pebble’s list & her 2nd puppy from us!)
  3. Liz from NJ (also on Patch’s list)
  4. Erica from MN (also on Patch’s list)
  5. Ben from WA (also on Paisley’s list)
  6. Babs from TX (also on Echo’s list)
  7. Sandra from CA (also on Patch’s list)
  8. Stacie from TX (also on Patch’s list)
  9. Gregg from OH (also on Paisley’s list)
  10. Sherry from NM (also on Patch’s list)
  11. Eileen from IL (also on Patch’s list)
  12. Palisha from MI (also on Patch’s list)
  13. Tiffany from MD (also on Paisley’s list)
  14. Ally from TN (also on Patch’s list)
  15. Ann from CA (also on Paisley’s list)
  16. Winston from ME (also on Patch’s list)
  17. Jan from IL (also on Patch’s list) 2nd puppy in their family from us!
  18. Jessica from AR (also on Patch’s list)
  19. Jackie from MA (also on Paisley’s list)
  20. Grace from WA (also on Patch’s list)

Riddle generally has 4 to 6 puppies. This waiting list will change some. Some folks may go on to wait on her next Fall of 2020 litter if there is not a puppy of their preferred color or gender available for them here or they are not ready. Everyone is on 2 lists so many will get a puppy from another litter altogether and be removed from this list. Other folks may move up in line for choice. Having a deposit down will definitely hold your places in line though even if your wait may be a long one. I promise it will be worth your patience!  🙂

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