Pebbles’ HavaShire Puppies | Havanese/Yorkshire Terrier

Havanese / Yorkshire Terrier (HavaShire) Puppies for sale!

Our little sable Havanese “Pebbles” Havashire & HavaPoo puppies are awesome! Her  Yorkshire Terrier husband JackPot is quite the handsome romancer around here!

Havanese Poodle mix (HavaPoo / HavaNoodle) puppies for sale
This little gal is Mighty Proud of her 1st Puppies!

Havashire Puppies

I have several photos of Pebbles’ previous Havashire (Havanese / Yorkie) puppies below.

Mommy of Puppies Sable Havanese “Pebbles”

Pebbles is a small (9 lbs) sable color Havanese. Her Havashire puppies are very beautiful silky haired, usually have up-right ears with LOTS of expression, non-shedding & hypo-allergenic, and very small puppies with delightful & quite spunky personalities! They average between their parents sizes = 8 to 12 pounds as adults. (Havanese / Yorkshire Terrier) The puppies, as with all my hybrid puppies, are registered with CKC. See more about sweet little Pebbles on her page.

Below are pictures of Pebbles’ previous Havashire Puppies.

Be sure to see all the cute pics of all of Pebbles’ past puppies at all ages in my Photo Albums !

Daddy of Puppies Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”

Pebbles husband is our rare colored Chocolate/Honey Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”! She just fell head-over-heels for that fancy little guy! Their puppies are Bi & Tri-color and quite unique beautiful fancy white markings!  Absolutely stunning! Here are a few pictures of her husband “JackPot” below. Be sure to read more about him on his page and view his photo album!

Below are a few more pictures of their previous Havashire puppies.

MANY more pictures of our past & present Havashire puppies at all ages in my photo albums! Pictures of new puppies are always updated every two weeks. Its FUN to watch them grow!

Pebbles puppies are fairly small & are not recommended for families with small children.

Fall Havashire Puppies! (Havanese / Yorkshire Terrier)

Pebbles husband is our Chocolate/tan Parti/Tuxedo Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot” . They have Havashire (Havanese/Yorkie) puppies! Their puppies are $2,500. Deposit is $300 (non-refundable & goes towards the price of your puppy).

Be sure to watch Pebble’s Havashire puppies grow as I update their photos in my Photo Albums when they are born & every 2 weeks as they grow!

AMY from CO – Female Black/Tan Tuxedo puppy #1

SEAN from CA – Female Sable Tuxedo puppy #2

KRISTEN from DE – Female Black/Tan Tuxedo puppy #3

Deposits for Pebbles & JackPot’s new (and last) litter of 3 female HavaShire puppies born Nov 25th , to be ready Jan 20th, 2021 at 8 weeks old:

  1. Kristen from DERED collar Black/Tan Tux female puppy #3
  2. Amy from COYELLOW collar Black/Tan Tux female #1
  3. Sean from CAORANGE collar Sable Tuxedo female puppy #2
  4. I can’t take any more deposits here because Pebbles is planning her retirement! If you are interested in a Havashire puppy, take a look at Diva’s puppies!


Pebbles usually has 4 – 5 puppies. The waiting list will change some when her puppies are born. Some folks may go on to wait on a different litter if they are not ready or there is not a puppy of their preferred color or gender available for them here. Some may get a puppy from another litter/breed altogether.  Almost everyone is on 2 lists with the 2nd as our back-up plan. Having a deposit down will definitely hold your places in line though even if your wait may be a long one, I promise it will be worth your patience! 🙂

I built a web page to help describe the colors & markings of puppies to help folks understand them better. “Puppy Colors & Markings”.