Sunny’s HavaPoo Puppies | Havanese/Poodle

Mini Poodle / Havanese “HavaPoo” AKA HavaNoodle Puppies!

Introducing our new Mini Poodle Sunny Girl! Little Sunny is a Beautiful, Sweet, Creamy Chocolate & Tan Phantom colored little lady who when bred with our little Choc/Tan Tuxedo Havanese male “Captain Crunch” will have ADORABLE little HavaPoo (AKA HavaNoodle) puppies for sale! Her name because she has such a sweet, quiet, sunny disposition which you will see when you meet her!!  🙂

“To be” Mother of Puppies -Mini Poodle “Sunny Girl”

Mini Poodle Sunny Girl
Mini Poodle “Sunny Girl”

Mini Poodle

Sunny has a wonderful calm, gentle personality! I expect Sunny’s puppies to be an average of 10-15 pounds as adults. These are bred specifically for friendly, happy, durable family dogs that will be everybody’s best friend! I expect good long 15-17 year life spans.

With their “Sunny” disposition, Sunny’s “HavaPoo” (AKA HavaNoodle) puppies will surely bring Sunshine into many peoples lives for a long time! They will be, of course, non-shedding & hypo-allergenic as are the 2 breeds that are so carefully combined for them. Their puppies are in fact bred specifically to be TOPS for a good-natured all-around family dog with a LONG and HEALTHY life! Read more about Sunny, her personality, and her parents on her own page here: Sunny Girl

Meet Sunny’s hubby Chocolate/Tan Tuxedo Havanese “Captain Crunch” on his own page here: Havanese “Captain Crunch”. Here is Crunch below. See many more photos in his Album!

Father of Puppies Havanese “Captain Crunch” below:

HavaPoo Puppies are the “Perfect Small Non-shedding & Hypo-Allergenic Family Dog”

is the best way to describe the HavaPoo breed! Read all about them here: HavaPoo Puppies.

Below are some pictures below of  some of our past HavaPoo puppies to give you an idea of what I expect Sunny & Crunch’s puppies will look like. I expect all beautiful shades of sable/chocolate/browns with tan points and flashy white markings!!

Breeding Happy little “HavaPoo” puppies! (Mini Poodle / Havanese)

Past HavaPoo Puppies:

HavaPoo Puppies

Sunny’s HavaPoo puppies will be registered with CKC. They will be generally small but sturdy between 12-16 pounds although they can go a pound or two either way depending on the puppy that you choose from the litter. Height about 15″ as adults. They are $3,000. Deposits ($300) are non-refundable.

As with life, things don’t always go as planned! Sunny’s husband was our Havanese Jolly Jeep this time because she was a little overwhelmed around the rather enthusiastic boys during her heat cycle. She required AI (artificial insemination). Jeep can be collected but Crunch is a bit too nervous at the vet’s office for that just yet. Yes, Crunch is a modest little fellow! Read about Jeep here:   Chocolate Tuxedo Havanese “Jolly Jeep”

Be sure to see more pictures of our past beautiful HavaPoo puppies pictured at all ages in my Albums. Watch new puppies as they grow when I update the pictures of her new puppies every 2 weeks after they are born!

Sunny & Jeep’s 1st litter of 5 HavaPoo puppies were born Nov 7th! Sunny is a VERY good mommy and her puppies are a bit chubby and certainly  VERY well cared for! It was sure  exciting to see them grow! They are all gone to their new homes now!

HavaPoo Puppies for sale
Sunny’s HavaPoo Puppies

Watch new puppies as they grow when I update the pictures of her new puppies in their photo album (not here) every 2 weeks after they are born!

I gear my whole breeding program towards Happy, healthy, beautiful, friendly, well-balanced puppies!! Here is her web page SDP Sunny Girl ; and her Photo Album for our new mommy Sunny. Sunny is one VERY sweet, loving, gentle little lady and I am VERY excited about her future puppies here!!!

HavaPoo HavaNoodle puppies for sale breeder
Mini Chocolate Poodle “SDP Sunny Girl”

Sunny’s summer 2022 cycle was non-fertile. Her NEXT HavaPoo litter is expected Feb of 2023. They will be ready to go to their new homes 8 weeks after they are born. I imagine it will be up to her if Captain Crunch or Jolly Jeep will be her husband! They will of course be HavaPoo puppies though!

Sunny’s HavaPoo Puppies deposit list:

  1. Lori from OH (also on Flower’s list)
  2. Tee from PA (also on Flower’s list) fall of 2022
  3. Donna from CA (also on Patch’s list)
  4. Marina from PA (also on Paisley’s list)
  5. Jackie from OH/FL (also on Waffle’s list)
  6. Julie from IL (also on Sunny’s list) 2nd puppy in their family from us!
  7. Judy & Tony from KY (also on Nicker’s list)
  8. Laura from MI (also on Waffle’s list)
  9. Sarah from MA (also on Waffle’s list)
  10. Christine from AZ (also on Waffle’s list)
  11. Harry from FL/OH (also on Waffle’s list)
  12. Joan from MI (also on Diva’s list)
  13. Debbie from CA (also on Waffle’s list) She is getting 2 Puppies!
  14. Deborah from RI (also on Waffle’s list)
  15. Melinda from FL (also on Patch’s list) Their 2nd puppy from us!
  16. Audrey from WV (also on PopTart’s list) Her 2nd puppy from us!
  17. Ying from VA (also on Waffle’s list)
  18. Lenore from CA (also on Patch’s list)
  19. Deborah from MA (also on Sky’s list)
  20. Barbara from PA (also on Promise’s list)
  21. Dawn from MD (also on Sky’s list)
  22. Jess from VA (also on Diva’s list)
  23. Lauren from TX (also on Waffle’s list)
  24. Kelly from NY (also on Sky’s list)
  25. Diana from VA (also on Waffle’s list)
  26. Caroline from GA (also on Jingle’s list)
  27. Diane from CA (also on Sky’s list)
  28. Andrea from TN (also on Jingle’s list)
  29. Stu from MA (also on Waffle’s list)
  30. Lauren from OH (also on Waffle’s list)
  31. Sherry from PA (also on Waffle’s list)
  32. Nicole from DC (also on Sky’s list)


This waiting list will change some. Some folks may go on to wait for Sunny’s following litter,  Some may get a puppy from another litter altogether and be removed from this list. (Remember, everyone is on 2 lists with the 2nd as our back-up plan) Other folks may move up in line for choice when some decide to wait. Having a deposit down will hold your place in line. Though you may need to wait a bit, I promise it will be worth your patience!  🙂

Be sure to read all about how these puppies are Bred & Raised here at Sunny Day Puppies. It’s FUN!!!

I built a web page to help describe the colors & markings of puppies to help folks understand them better. “Puppy Colors & Markings”