Sunshine Puppies | Lhasa Apso/Havanese/Yorkshire Terrier

Lhasa Apso / Havanese / Yorkie “Sunshine” Puppies!

Daughter of our legendary Lhasa Apso “Goldilocks” & our famous Havanese “Jolly Jeep”, HavaApso “Lily” married our handsome Yorkie ”JackPot” and has Sunshine puppies! WoW! This is a new breed developed here by SDP and registered with the IDCR. They are every bit as awesome as our HavaPooKie puppies (also breed developed here)!

Mother of Puppies HavaApso “Lily”

HavaApso / Yorkshire Terrier (Mini Lhasa Apso)

I occasionally keep my own puppies to use in my breeding program and sometimes there is a very special one that REALLY stands out. Lily is certainly one of them! What a wonderful calm, gentle personality! We planned a long time for these puppies! Lily’s puppies are average 10-15 pounds as adults. These are bred specifically for friendly, happy, durable family dogs that will be everybody’s best friend! I expect good long 15-17 year life spans. They are some of the best puppies I have ever raised.

With their “Sunny” disposition, Lily’s “Sunshine” puppies will surely bring Sunshine into many peoples lives for a long time! They are, of course, non-shedding & hypo-allergenic as are the 3 breeds that are so carefully combined for them. Their puppies are in fact bred specifically to be TOPS for a good-natured all-around family dog with a LONG and HEALTHY life!

Meet Lily’s hubby Chocolate/Gold Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot” his own page here: Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”. Here are a few pictures of JackPot below. See many more photos in his Album!

Father of Puppies Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot” below:

Their Sunshine Puppies are the “Perfect Small Non-shedding & Hypo-Allergenic Family Dog”

is the best way to describe the HavaApso breed! Read all about them here: HavaApso Puppies.  Read more about HavaApso “Lily” , her mother “Goldilocks” & her Father “Jolly Jeep “on her personal pages & see many fun pics in the photo albums.

Below are some pictures below of Lily & JackPot’s PAST Sunshine puppies. They are all beautiful shades of sable/chocolate/browns with tan points and flashy white markings!!

Breeding Happy little “Sunshine” puppies! (Lhasa Apso / Havanese / Yorkie)

Past Sunshine Puppies:

The Sunshine puppies are registered with the IDCR 25% Havanese, 25% Lhasa Apso, 50% Chocolate Parti Yorkie. They are generally small but sturdy between 10-13 pounds although they can go a pound or two either way depending on the puppy that you choose from the litter. Height about 11″ as adults. They are $2,200. Deposits ($250) are non-refundable.

Be sure to see more pictures of past beautiful Sunshine puppies pictured at all ages in my Albums. Watch new puppies as they grow when I update the pictures of her new puppies every 2 weeks after they are born!

Lily & JackPot’s NEW litter of 7 born Nov 23rd, 2019!   WoW!!!

Havanese, Yorkshire Terrier, & Lhasa Apso mix breed puppies for sale

Lily & I showing off Her New Litter of Sunshine Puppies at 4 Weeks Old!!!

Be sure to see TONS of NEW pictures of these beautiful Sunshine puppies as I update their picture every 2 weeks in their Photo Album.

“Sunshine” Puppies deposit list:

These folks below have deposits down for Lily’s new litter of 7 Sunshine puppies born Nov 23rd, 2019; to be ready to go Jan 18th of 2020 at 8 weeks old:

  1. Donna & Kathy from MA/FL GREEN collar Sable Tux Male puppy #3  (their 3rd puppy from us – they have 2 of Lily’s mother “Goldilocks” puppies!)
  2. Katey from COORANGE collar Choc Tux Female Puppy #2
  3. Debbie from CA – BLUE collar Choc Tux Male puppy #2
  4. Beth from OH –  PINK collar Choc/Tan Tux female puppy #3 (the 3rd puppy in their family from us!)
  5. Deanna from VAPURPLE collar Sable Tux Male puppy #4 (their 2nd puppy from us!
  6. Pamela from WARED Sable Tux Female puppy #1 (her 2nd puppy from us)
  7. Terri from TXYELLOW collar Light tan/beige Sable Tux male puppy #1

There are 7 puppies: 3 girls & 4 boys! Pictured below as newborn. Be sure to see TONS of NEW pictures of these beautiful Sunshine puppies as I update their picture every 2 weeks in their Photo Album.

Female Puppy #1 = Choc Sable Tux w white nose; Female Puppy #2 = Choc Tux w 4 white paws; Female Puppy #3 = Choc/Tan Tux w 4 white toes

Male Puppy #1 = Light tan Choc Tux w white chin; Male Puppy #2 = Choc Tux w white chin & brown spot in middle of white chest; Male Puppy #3 = Sable Tux w white nose, chin and back; Male Puppy #4 = Sable Tux w white nose & chin

PAMELA – RED collar Female Puppy #1

KATEY – ORANGE collar Female Puppy #2

BETH – PINK collar Female Puppy #3= Choc/Tan Tux w 4 white toes

TERRI – YELLOW collar Male Puppy #1 = Light tan Choc Tux w white chin

DEBBIE – BLUE collar Male Puppy #2

DONNA – Green collar Male Puppy #3

DEANNA – PURPLE collar Male Puppy #4 = Sable Tux w white nose & chin

These folks below have deposits down for Lily’s NEXT litter of  Sunshine puppies expected to be born June/July, 2020; to be ready to go August/Sept of 2020 at 8 weeks old:

HavaApso Lily usually has 6 to 8 puppies in her litter. The waiting list will change some. Some folks may go on to wait on her next summer of 2020 litter if there is not a puppy of their preferred color or gender available for them. Some may get a puppy from another litter altogether and be removed from this list. Some folks may move up in line for choice when others decide to wait. Having a deposit down will hold your place in line. Though you may need to wait a bit, I promise it will be worth your patience!  🙂

I built a web page to help describe the colors & markings of puppies to help folks understand them better. “Puppy Colors & Markings”

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