Promise’s HavaPoo Puppies | Havanese/Poodle

Mini Poodle/Havanese “HavaPoo” AKA “HavaNoodle” Puppies for Sale!

Moyen/Klein size, Blue, Black, Sable, Silver & Chocolate Merle HavaPoo Puppies with white Tuxedo and Parti markings! WoW!!!

Moyen (mid-size) Poodle “Promise”

Introducing our beautiful new Blue Merle Parti colored Moyen / Klein Poodle “SDP True Love’s Promise” who when married with her husband -our Chocolate Tuxedo Havanese “SDP Jolly Jeep” will have AMAZING HavaPoo puppies!

HavaPoo HavaNoodle puppies for sale breeder
Moyen Poodle SDP True Love’s Promise

Their HavaNoodle / HavaPoo puppies will be essentially the same as our legendary now retired Moyen Poodle Echo’s pictured below with her previous litter of HavaPoo Puppies.

Mother of Puppies Moyen Poodle “Echo” (now retired) below with her 1st litter of HavaPoo Puppies.

Havanese Mini Poodle HavaPoo puppies for sale
Echo With Her Previous Newborn HavaPoo Puppies! WoW!!! Truly Phenomenal as Always!!!

Promise is a very happy-go-lucky, friendly little gal and is always ready to cuddle or play. Smart as a whip she is! She is our pride & joy here at Sunny Day Puppies! Be sure to read more about our wonderful little SDP Love’s True Promise , her parantage, & personality on her page.

Father of HavaPoo Puppies Havanese “Jolly Jeep”

Daddy “Jeep” is our Little Prince Charming! Adorable baby doll face, wonderful personality, and gorgeous hazel eyes! A REAL sweetie-pie! Its no wonder that so many of my girls just fall head over heels for the little fellow! Be sure to see our handsome chocolate / tuxedo daddy Havanese “SDP Jolly Jeep” on his page and his photo album. I can’t blame Promise a bit for falling in love with him – all the girls do! He is quite the charmer around here! Be sure to see fun pictures of Echo’s previous puppies in their photo album to see more of what Promise’s puppies will look like at all ages. Genetically Echo & Promise are quite the same so we expect the same from their puppies.

Moyen Size (20-30 lbs) Beautifully Colored HavaPoo Puppies!!!

Moyen Poodle Promise & Havanese Jolly Jeep will have HavaPoo (Havanese / Poodle) puppies in an amazing variety of colors of Blue, Black, Silver & Chocolate Merle, and black or chocolate puppies with white Tuxedo and/or Parti markings! . They are non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, and beautifully colored puppies! We are always excited about them! Their puppies will be registered with CKC. I expect them to look very similar to Echo’s puppies with some examples below. I expect their HavaPoo puppies to be generally in the 20-30 pound range as adults.

Non-shedding, Hypo-allergenic, and Beautifully colored HavaPoo Puppies!

Breeding the Perfect Small Family Dog!

Watch as the beautiful HavaPoo puppies grow as I update their pictures after they are born and every 2 weeks as they grow in my photo Albums! Deposits are $300 non-refundable. HavaPoo puppies are $3,000; puppies with the rare Merle coloring are $3,500.

Deposits for Echo’s / Promise’s HavaPoo Puppies:

Deposits placed for our new girl Black/Blue Merle Parti Moyen Poodle “Promise” & Jolly Jeep’s first litter of HavaPoo Puppies expected May 21st of 2022. Her puppies will be ready to go around July 16th. See Promise’s web page and her photo album! (link below) Her puppies should be the same as our legendary Echo’s except a bit larger!!! (20-30lbs)

  1. Jane from IL – for 2023 puppy
  2. Gina from IL (also on Nicker’s list) passing here
  3. Courtney from NY (also on Nicker’s list)
  4. Paulette from OH (also on PopTart’s list)
  5. Janis from CT (also on PopTart’s list)
  6. Brynn from PA (also on PopTart’s list)
  7. Jasmine from CA (also on Waffle’s list)
  8. Rega from NY (also on Patch’s list)
  9. Robert from NJ (also on Patch’s list)
  10. Marsha from NC (also on Waffle’s list)
  11. Carol from MI/FL (also on Pebble’s list)
  12. Rachel from VA (also on Waffle’s list)
  13. Ashley from DC (also on Waffle’s list)
  14. Andrea from NY (also on Waffle’s list)
  15. John from NY  (also on Waffle’s list)
  16. Richard from TX (also on PopTart’s list)
  17. Haeri from IL (also on PopTart’s list)
  18. Julie from IL (also on Sunny’s list) 2nd puppy in their family from us!
  19. Jenn from DC (also on Nicker’s list) She is getting 2 puppies!
  20. Alexandra from NY (also on PopTart’s list)
  21. Jackie from OH (also on PopTart’s list)
  22. Danielle from MA (also on PopTart’s list)
  23. Sue from OH (also on PopTart’s list)
  24. Christina from NV (also on Patch’s list)
  25. Barbara from PA (also on Sunny’s list)
  26. Elizabeth from MA (also on PopTart’s list)
  27. Karla from OH (also on Nicker’s list)
  28. Will fromNJ (also on Nicker’s list)
  29. Sheryl from MA (also on Nicker’s list)

Now we all know that Promise may not have this many puppies (as there are folks on her waiting list)! Echo generally has 7 to 8 puppies. I expect the same from Promise. The list will change often. Echo is retired now but our Wonderful Mommy dog “Promise” is planning to take over for her & Echo’s waiting list is transfered to Promise’s. Many folks here may go on to wait on a later litter if there is not a puppy of their preferred color or gender available for them here. Also, everyone is on 2 lists so half will get a puppy from another litter altogether and be removed from this list. Having a deposit down will definitely hold your places in line though even if your wait may be a long one. I promise it will be worth your patience!  🙂

See Promise’s web page and photo album! She is 35 lbs & Jolly Jeep is 15 lbs so I expect her puppies to vary between that on the larger end averaging (20 to 30 lbs).

Blue Merle Moyen / Klien Poodle “Promise” Loving her favorite little girl “Paige”

I built a new web page to help describe the colors & markings of puppies to help folks understand them better. “Puppy Colors & Markings”.