The Sires: Yorkshire Terrier "SDP JackPot"

Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier
AKC # TS27957302 / CKC # YK-04913516
8 pounds ; 10 inches

Chocolate Parti/Tux Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”

SDP Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier “JackPot”

SDP JackPot is a very rare colored Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier with the beautiful chocolate and red-brown colors with white flash! You can hardly beat colors like his in a Yorkie! He was bred by Yvonne Porter in IL.

I am very proud of this little fellow. He is 150% of the dog I was looking for! Personality, health, heartiness, beautiful colors, thick wavy lush silky hair coat, and SO silly!

He is SO funny the way he always tilts his head when I am talking to him! Especially with those ears!

Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Chocolate Parti Yorkie “JackPot”

JackPot’s favorite sports are boating, swimming, hiking, hunting moles, going for a ride in the truck, playing with his buddies, and of course cuddling. He is quite the fun little fellow! Be sure to see more pictures of JackPot in his Album!

A little about the Yorkie breed we are crossing with the Poodle & Havanese. All Puppies will be non-shedding & non-allergenic.

The Yorkshire Terrier

A little about the Yorkie breed we are crossing with the Havanese, Poodle & Lhasa Apso here. All Puppies will be non-shedding & non-allergenic as are all parents.

Yorkshire Terriers may be small but they are a big-dog in a little-dog package. The Yorkie is an intelligent and affectionate pet. They get along with everyone. Yorkshire Terriers are compact in size, sweet in nature and cheerful in character. They are good with children & other pets. Energetic & spunky, this feisty little breed has a lot of energy to use. Fortunately a small amount of room is needed for this! The ultimate lap dog, they bring laughter & companionship to any home.

Special Skills: Rat, mole & mouse catcher – no more having to set those yucky mouse traps!
These dogs, like most smaller dogs, live a long life span of 15 years

Lively and spirited, the Yorkshire Terrier is no wimp. Although small, they are still terriers! They can be scrappy & courageous. A good watchdog, they do sound the alarm if the need be, and warn you of something out of order. They are devoted & brave. (They do not know they are little!)

There is something different and quizzical about the look on a Yorkie’s face when you talk to it that can’t be compared with any other dog. The way their little ears twitch & turn with every word, and fall back when you scold them, gives a clue to the intelligence of this little guy. Yorkies have a way of crouching down on their front paws while keeping their hind end up in the air that makes me laugh each and every time I see it! Wonderful, lovable little creatures, it is no wonder the Yorkshire Terrier is always in the top 10 most popular dogs in the world!

Folks say “They are kind of like potato chips; You can’t have just one”! Keep in mind the cost of shipping for 2 puppies is not much more that the costs for shipping one!