Summer Is Here!!!

Sunny Day Puppies Doggie Fun!
Sunny Day Puppies Doggie Fun!

Hello Fellow Doggie Lovers! Summer is here & it’s time to get the little swimming pools out & go hiking down to the creek for some cool fun with the dogs! Since we luckily live “way out yonder” life has not been much different here like is has been for most folks. Life as usual here pretty much. We haven’t been able to see much of our son since he is a doctor & taking care of Covid patients in the ICU but we can Face-time with him & that is 2nd best.

We did have to adjust our ways of transporting our puppies to their new owners this spring but my sister came up with the idea to rent an RV and drive them ourselves. That was FUN! It was safe, self-contained, requiring no stops to eat/potty/shower AND we got to see Niagara Falls to boot!! Look at this HAPPY  family!!!

RV trip to Deliver Puppies!
RV trip to Deliver Puppies – HAPPY Family!!!

With so many folks working from home now & it being such a good time to get a new puppy, my waiting lists are getting long. I assure everyone that it will be well worth your wait! Remember that you hope to keep this new puppy for the next 15 -17 years! While you are waiting for your new puppy you can enjoy the FUN pictures and updates that I post on my website!! I just made a new photo album of Families with My New Puppies! I will show you a few here for extra fun!

Take a look at my web site Sunny Day Puppies (I update it daily) – it will answer your questions on who is pregnant, when their litters are expected, and how many deposits on on that litter already. I also have TONS of pictures of the parent dogs, pedigrees, parents’ sizes/weights, what size I expect their puppies to be as adults, pics of past puppies they have had, and lots of just plain fun pics to give you an idea of each dogs personalities. It’s not going to be an easy decision to pick out your favorites! Enjoy!!!

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