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We’ve had so many WONDERFUL reviews over the years from people who have taken home our puppies! Here are some of our favorites!


Hi Mary Lisa – Duncan is doing very well! We arrived home in Arizona yesterday and he is making the transition just fine. He was a great little traveler and was a hit every where we went. We were very careful to keep him away from where other dogs have been and he had his 3rd shot yesterday when we got home. His vet loves him! Also, he gained 4.2 ounces in the last 2 weeks. Can be a chow hound! Oh, and he sits quietly and then waits for a little pet when I give him his food. Quite smart already.

Duncan has come out of his shell and has quite the personality – loves to play and is very vocal at times. He has bonded with both of us but in different ways. He’s very social and loves to meet other people. Vet says we can take him to puppy kindergarten now so we are looking into that.

This picture is one of those quiet moments with dad. Thanks again for all you do to raise these wonderful puppies. We love him very much!

Paul and Susan

Susan, Paul and Duncan


written 6/27

Mary Lisa’s, just had to write to tell what a joy little Callie (Dance’s tiny red collar sable) is to everyone, especially my daughter. She is adjusting well to her new home, sleeping through the night, and is having increasing successes at outdoor pottying. She is SO smart!!! She and my daughter start puppy classes next week at the local kennel club.

written 7/11

Hi Mary Lisa, Jilli called to tell me how Callie’s second puppy class went (Dance’s Sable red-collar baby). She told me that she was SO proud of her… that she was the only puppy in the class of 22 that would “come” to her owner from across the room going over obstacles like little jumps, bridges, tunnels, etc.  All of the rest of the dogs ducked and dodged, but Callie ran and jumped enthusiastically through the course to come to her new “mama”! And all this from a tiny little one-pounder, including harness and tag! Jilli also told me that after they worked on the “sit” command for several minutes in the class, they then walked around the arena on leash. Jilli said that all during the walk, Callie kept going to her “sit” position and looking up at her mama expecting a treat! She is SO smart! Keep doing what you do, Mary Lisa! Any idea yet when Sparkle might expect her next litter (with Jeep)? To say that I’m anxious for my own puppy is an understatement! —Kerry

Kerry & Callie


Hi Mary Lisa,

Just a quick update on Cody’s progress. No signs of any stress from his relocation. He’s eating well, has lots of energy, goes into his sleeping crate without a whimper and can go almost through the night without having to go outside. He still doesn’t like to be put in his daytime corral, because he just wants to be with us all the time, but he gets a little better each day (and really doesn’t spend much time in there at all anyway).

House training is going as well as we expected. For now its kinda one step forward and 2 steps back sometimes, but we are learning from each other and we’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Cody’s been to the Vet for a wellness check and everything was fine and we got set up for all his future needs.

The last thing is that we get visits from all the neighborhood kids every afternoon and we let them play with him for a short time. When they lay in the grass, Cody climbs all over them and licks their faces. They love him. Also when ever we take him out he gets so much attention and will literally stop traffic while people try to get a better look at him.

You did a great job with this pup, Thanks Dave and Roberta

Dave, Roberta, and Cody

Mary Lisa,

I won’t bore you with the hundreds of photos we have of our little Marti (Martini)… but this is just one more I had to share.

We used to ‘puppy pouch’ her onto the front of me and we’d hop on the back of dad’s Harley Davidson and take quick jaunts around our little home town.  (pink studded Harley jacket and bubble gum pink doggles… such a fashion-esta she was!)  People stopped all along the way to take pics of her!

This photo shows the unending patience she had with ‘mom’ when she got ‘dressed up’.  You can see the look in her eyes… “ok, ok… did you take it YET?”



Elaine and Martini

Mary Lisa,

I cannot say it enough…THANK YOU!!!!

Lexi (the boys liked the name too…so Cliff caved 🙂 ) has been an AMAZING addition to our family. She is SO happy & ready to play when we want to play and happy to cuddle when we all want to slow down. She only wakes once during the night for bathroom and sleeps in her kennel next to our bed! She is going to the bathroom outside which is amazing with the weather we’ve been having! She gives a little whimper when she has to go…which is terrific! No guessing games! We put a potty mat/pad outside and she goes on that!

I have to tell you. Being from Canada and having no hope of going to see your place or the dogs was a very scary thing for us. You handled me well with my MANY questions during that time! I was nervous that we wouldn’t get what we paid for or that it could be a paypal scam…you just never know these days….so the thoughts ran through my mind. You were great with communication so I felt good about things…but you just never know! You had mentioned to me your many testimonials all of which are so positive, yet you still just never know. But I have to say I am in full agreement with all your testimonials. Lexi is the MOST loving, well mannered, happy little pup and we just LOVE her to death!

The nanny was amazing to keep us in the loop as much as she did even during all the flight cancellations and horrific weather! I couldn’t imagine a situation like that NOT having a nanny with our little Lexi & her getting stuck at an airport by herself in cargo! And yes…hubby is pretty special to have made that drive to meet her! We are lucky to have him! I loved the nanny idea originally but after all that happened, couldn’t imagine ever shipping an animal without one!

If you ever have any potential customers that are uncertain…I would be more than happy to talk to then over email.

If we decide to get Lexi a little brother or sister…we’ll definitely be calling on you without a doubt! The conversations are already starting!

She has fit right in & is just an incredible, easy going pup…SO happy!


Faith, Family & Lexi from Canada

Mary Lisa,

We were looking at the new litter of puppies and thought you would like some new photo’s of Ginger to show how she looks at 1 year old. We LOVE her! What a sweet dog. She is 11 lbs. and just the perfect of mix of energy and calmness. (In the past Pajama’s litter she was the yellow collar. ) When we asked the kids the What was the best part of this year, all three kids said it was Ginger. She was definitely the best christmas present ever!



Kim & Family from OH

Carkie "Rusty" watching his favorite pet turtle

Carkie “Rusty” watching his favorite pet turtle

We have tons of great Rusty pics. Don’t mean to swamp you with Rusty images, but such a pic brings a quick smile. So, I send these pics around to my family, friends.

He looks like so many of your prior Carkies. Generally wet, and in motion, acrobatically running over a downed tree. Or plunging into any water: streams, ponds, sprinklers. He likes water. When we walk downtown, he gets stopped by all the Yorkie ladies and by the Cairn owners who need to discuss his attributes. He gets compliments for being able to sit and wait at outdoor restaurants. Good practice.He knows I have something in my pocket for him later. Good company around the house, though he is sure that cats are evil intruders who need a growl and some barking. Caught a Robin the other day. The bird had flown into a glass window, bounced down to the patio and was hopping around a bit loopy. Rusty saw his chance and pounced, but released him when commanded, “RUSTY, DROP!” He was left with a forlorned mouthful of feathers, and the bird recuperated and incredibly flew off later. Quite a disappointment for R, but now he is pretty sure he can catch anything.



Steve & Ann from CA

Goldilocks' ShihApso Puppies

Goldilocks’ ShihApso Puppies



Hi Mary Lisa! Sure hope all is well for you guys out there in Patriot!

I can’t begin to tell you how much we love these two pups (4 months old now!). They are honestly the best dogs we have ever had!!! People are constantly asking me their breed and commenting on both of their beautiful colored eyes!

They are everything you said they would be. Just wanted to keep you posted and wish you well! I can’t believe we’ve had them two months already! Time does fly!

Will send more pictures as they continue to grow. Max (blue eyes) is almost 13 pounds and Merfie, the girl, is about 11 1/2 pounds. Dear, dear, animals!!!! Just can’t thank you enough, girl! We couldn’t be happier!

More soon! Blessings to you!


______   few months later   _____

Hi Mary Lisa – just took these today (6 months old) – wanted to share. I tell people about you all the time because anyone that sees them wants to know what they are, where they came from, etc.!!! You get all the credit, as you should!!! Your genetic studies certainly paid off here!!!!

Joined a dog park today so they can make more friends. We have two dogs next door but they are extremely “yappy” and these two aren’t like that. They are “frisky” but they just want to play. I am fearful the neighbor dogs would bite (already bit a boy that was working on our yard for Kent!!!)

I have them “in training” at our local Petsmart but the girl working with them said she rarely sees pups this young as smart as they are!!!!! They are everything anyone would want in a pet!!! (so, they kind of do get some spoiling!!!!!

Anyhow, just thought you’d appreciate the pictures and those beautiful, beautiful eyes!!! Have a wonderful rest of this day!!


Linda from Florida


Kato & Radar

Noodle’s Fourche puppies (West Highland White Terrier / Yorkshire Terrier mix) “Kato” and “Radar”

Now at 5 1/5 months old and enjoying themselves. Huge difference in size though which is shocking to me. Kato now weighs 14 lbs and Radar is at a whopping 4 lbs. It looks like Kato is taking after mom and Radar is taking after dad. Best of both worlds!


Kim from IN

Kim from IN


Yorki-Apso “Tony” in Cape Cod

Yorki Apso “Tony” in Cape Cod playing with his ball on his beach! (Lucky Dog!)

“Tony” in Cape Cod



Hi, Mary Lisa!

Just wanted to send you a picture of Lily at 1 year!! She has captured our whole hearts!!!


Hi Mary Lisa

Thought you might like to Casey all grown up. There are pictures of Coco include. They are both beautiful. Casey is a mess, and very smart, she loves to dig. Hope these come through. We are enjoying them both! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Bless New Year.

Janice from OK

Janice from OK


Hi Lisa,

I am getting used to calling you Lisa, because Yvette calls you Lisa.

Hallie is just a darling!!!! She is my constant companion. She is asleep on my lap right now. However, she really doesn’t like me to be on the computer, and often barks and barks at me to get off and play with her. We take a walk in the Rose Garden at Whetstone Park everyday that the weather permits.

Now that it is cold, she sits and waits for me to put her coat on her to go outside to potty.

I give her cut up pieces of a “Greenie” (for her teeth) and she hides them and then comes back and barks at me to go find it. It is a big game with us. She just watches and watches me as I look all the places that I KNOW she hasn’t hid it. And then I FIND it!

Hope all is well with you. We feel sooooo fortunate to have Hallie.


Janette from OH

Janette from OH


Hi Mary Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know that we are all in love with Moose – especially Jenna!! and Moose is especially in love with Jenna – he follows her everywhere and whines when she is out of his sight! He wouldn’t sit on the couch with Dave when Jenna was in the kitchen baking, he had to sleep by her feet as she was working – It was so cute! It worked out well that she was the only one home with him most of yesterday. He is an awesome puppy – he slept in a big kennel that my sister let us borrow, we put it right next to Jenna’s bed and he slept the entire night without even a peep! With the exception of one little poop when he first arrived (which was probably nerves), he has not had an accident. He LOVES to play fetch!!

Thanks for everything!! We’ll send pictures soon – Jenna took at least 100 yesterday!

Jeannette from MA


This is a wonderful letter that I received from Jenna. I have saved it because I LOVE to read it! :

Hi Mary Lisa!

I just wanted to Thank you myself! After my puppy Persie died things just weren’t the same. I had her since I was three years old and she was my best friend. When she was gone it was so sad to come home to an empty house after school and not hear her little paws as she walked around. When my mom realized how much Persie’s death had affected me (and her, more than she had anticipated) we started to look for a puppy. It was so difficult to find the right breeder while avoiding puppymills and irresponsible breeding. When my mom found your website I just had a great feeling. We read everything you had written (you are so nice & funny!) and looked at all of your pictures, and when I saw Moose I knew that he was perfect. When my mom talked to you everything fell into place and it was clear that we had found the perfect package; perfect puppy AND perfect breeder! Thank you for being so dedicated to your dogs and loving them so much! And most of all, thank you for my new baby pup Moose!!



Hello Mary Lisa!!!

I hope you are well! Since it has been a while since we last talked I wanted to send you this picture of Moose! I took it a week ago when we went for a walk. (Despite his tiny legs he was a trooper! He loves to go for long walks!) He wanted to look over the side of the little bridge to look at the water. He is certainly a cutie! We love him so so much! We are still working on his training but he graduated from his first level of puppy school and he did very well. He is definitely the perfect puppy for me! (We usually have to drag him out of bed in the morning! He likes to sleep in, like me!) He is very silly and, as the veterinarian said the last time we visited, “he is cute and he knows it!!” Thank you so much for my beautiful baby Moose! I don’t know what I would do without him!! 🙂


Jeannette from MA


Mary Lisa,

Chloe will soon be 2 years old. She is the center of our lives. Nancy made this outfit for Chloe to enter her into a halloween costume strut your mutt contest. Even though she is NOT a mutt we entered her. She didn’t win but in our eyes she was the best one there.

She stands about 10 in.on all fours and weighs about 22 1/2lbs. She loves barking at cows, horses, cats. Loves hunting squirrels and chipmunks in the back yard, and loves playing with a softball. She is the smartest dog I have ever seen. When we pull into the drive-in bank she gets excited knowing she will get a treat.

Bob & Nancy from PA

Bob & Nancy & “Chloe” from PA

Another photo that says it all! My gosh, just look at this little Girl’s smile!!!! She was smiling just like that the whole time she was here picking up her puppy! I see that the same, happy smile is still there!!!


Another “Picture says it all”

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