Dear Mary Lisa,

Hello! I’m doing excellent, thank you! I hope all is well with you and the farm. Yes, I meet people every day that fall immediately in love with Dulce. I tell a lot of people about you and how wonderful you are 🙂

Dulce, (Twister’s Fourche pup) is no more than 6.5 lbs. It is quite amazing! She just had her 1st birthday so I don’t think she will get any larger. She is still perfectly stout and almost looks like a miniature West Highland-of course brindle. Except sometimes she makes a pouty face like a Yorkie. And of course she is tiny and silky/wiry hair. I thought she might be small being a female and sort of the runt of the litter. With DNA you never know what you might get (as you know).

Happy Easter! We will keep in touch 🙂

I thank you eternally for Dulce, she is my best friend and she brings such great delight to everyone!!! She is truly a love (& a ham-haha) and tries to win everyones’ hearts without a single bad bone in her little body 🙂

Warm regards,