Mary Lisa,

Zoe is doing well, Vet says she’s perfect. She is going tomorrow for a bath and a massage. She is already acting the princess. She is so sweet and fun. The girls are loving her and so is everyone else. I didn’t realize this but she is very content to sleep on an older person’s lap. She plays kinda rough with us but put her on the elderly and she’s out cold. We love that as we have plenty of willing laps in the family. I think we got just the one we needed. Take care and thanks for everything.


One last thing, we took Zoe to the groomer’s today for a bath and massage. She looked so cute in her little hair bow. The groomer said we had picked an excellent breeder due to the shape Zoe is in and her temperament. Thought you’d like to know. I’m leaving your business card there, you may get a call, one of the girls there wants a yorkipoo. Take care,




Later, after getting a second puppy “Zack”

I’m sending you a picture of Zack, I hope it’s clear enough for you to see. He puts his stuffed animal on the couch to use as a pillow for his nap. He also piles his toys into his crate every night so he can play at bedtime. He literally runs around the room and collects them and throws two or three in there, then he hops in and lays down. Zack is happy, goofy, head first into everything and Zoe is his bossy big sister. She is old before her time. She is very patient and calm and that’s a good thing with Zack around.