Mary Lisa,

I wanted to take a minute to up date you on our puppy (Shorkie). Her name is Sunshine, which seems to be very fitting for her. She has been quite the little girl. She came home to a family of 6 other dogs. She seemed to take to the biggest one Rose my St. Bernard. My basset hound couldn’t figure out what she was and was scared for about 2 days I think he is still not sure what to do with her. Yesterday she got bath #2. I was watering my flowers and she was jumping into mud puddles and trying to get the water hose – she was having a blast. After she was wet it was through the dirt. She was pretty tired last night. She has only had one accident in the house which is pretty awesome. My daughter is home and she has already taught her to sit you tell her to sit and she plumps down on her butt so funny you just have to laugh. My husband can’t believe how active she is we are very impressed. I am glad that I decided to get my puppy from you. The puppy was well socialized with other dogs she loves playing outside. Everyone has truly fallen in love with her!

Thank You

Cyndy from ND

(6 months later)

Mary Lisa,

Just going to give you an update on Sunshine out in North Dakota. She is doing really well she loves the snow it doesn’t seem to slow her down one bit. We are very happy with her. She loves to run, jump and play nothing seems to slow her down. She fits in so well here. I hope some day to get another puppy from you. I think you do an awesome job. Thanks, Sunshine truly does brighten our day.

Merry Christmas