Hi Mary Lisa,

Just a quick update on Cody’s progress. No signs of any stress from his relocation. He’s eating well, has lots of energy, goes into his sleeping crate without a whimper and can go almost through the night without having to go outside. He still doesn’t like to be put in his daytime corral, because he just wants to be with us all the time, but he gets a little better each day (and really doesn’t spend much time in there at all anyway).

House training is going as well as we expected. For now its kinda one step forward and 2 steps back sometimes, but we are learning from each other and we’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Cody’s been to the Vet for a wellness check and everything was fine and we got set up for all his future needs.

The last thing is that we get visits from all the neighborhood kids every afternoon and we let them play with him for a short time. When they lay in the grass, Cody climbs all over them and licks their faces. They love him. Also when ever we take him out he gets so much attention and will literally stop traffic while people try to get a better look at him.

You did a great job with this pup, Thanks Dave and Roberta