Debbie & Tiger

Hello Mary Lisa,

Words cannot express just how adorable my Carkie puppy is! I have never had a child, but I think I know what it feel like now to have that special kind of love that you only feel when you have a baby! LOL

We are going to call him Tiger! His markings (for now) and his bold personality are fitting. He and Cody are great together so far. Playing, napping and drinking water together!

He just went potty outside. I am very tired today from a late night out and then holding Tiger till about 1 a.m. and then getting up to play with him at 6:00 a.m.!!

I am going to have severe seperation axiety tomorrow when I go off to work! I just want to hold him and kiss him all day long-

Anyway- as soon as I get my pics uploaded I will pass hem along-

Thank you so much for everything- I still want to visit the ranch someday! Sorry I missed meeting you!!



Hi Mary Lisa-

It’s been a while. Tiger (Carkie) is doing great. Getting big. I tell him every day he needs to stay a baby for his mommy. I just love that puppy to pieces! He is still learning how to go potty outside but is improving all the time. He sleeps all night in our bed without a peep. He and Cody are buddies now. Cody even looks for him when Tiger is off doing his own thing. Tiger has really lifted Cody’s spirits! They are really cute together- Tiger races all around the house and has Cody chasing him – just when Cody is close and thinks he can get Tiger- he slides under our couch and peeks his head out and barks! We watch them chase like this for hours before bed. It is great for wearing them both out before bed.

Anyway just wanted to check in with you and let you know what a wonderful pup we got from you!