shihapso puppies
Happy, sleepy puppies

Hi ML ,  Just an update.  I have to say, when we got Tony two tears ago, we thought it was just a gift from above that we got one of the most beautiful and smart dogs ever to grace this planet.  When considering dog # 2  there was slight trepidation that no one could be as great as our little boy. But I have to say that our little Frankie is amazing. She loves her brother…they were the perfect personality compliments to each other and everyone that meets them is astounded by their friendliness, intelligence  and breed blends.  So although the higher powers have something to do with it , I want to say that you are an  incredibly talented  breeder.   We  salut you..
D&K  Tony: Goldilocks/Romeo 2010   Frankie: Goldilocks/Milo 2012