Mary Lisa,

I cannot say it enough…THANK YOU!!!!

Lexi (the boys liked the name too…so Cliff caved 🙂 ) has been an AMAZING addition to our family. She is SO happy & ready to play when we want to play and happy to cuddle when we all want to slow down. She only wakes once during the night for bathroom and sleeps in her kennel next to our bed! She is going to the bathroom outside which is amazing with the weather we’ve been having! She gives a little whimper when she has to go…which is terrific! No guessing games! We put a potty mat/pad outside and she goes on that!

I have to tell you. Being from Canada and having no hope of going to see your place or the dogs was a very scary thing for us. You handled me well with my MANY questions during that time! I was nervous that we wouldn’t get what we paid for or that it could be a paypal scam…you just never know these days….so the thoughts ran through my mind. You were great with communication so I felt good about things…but you just never know! You had mentioned to me your many testimonials all of which are so positive, yet you still just never know. But I have to say I am in full agreement with all your testimonials. Lexi is the MOST loving, well mannered, happy little pup and we just LOVE her to death!

The nanny was amazing to keep us in the loop as much as she did even during all the flight cancellations and horrific weather! I couldn’t imagine a situation like that NOT having a nanny with our little Lexi & her getting stuck at an airport by herself in cargo! And yes…hubby is pretty special to have made that drive to meet her! We are lucky to have him! I loved the nanny idea originally but after all that happened, couldn’t imagine ever shipping an animal without one!

If you ever have any potential customers that are uncertain…I would be more than happy to talk to then over email.

If we decide to get Lexi a little brother or sister…we’ll definitely be calling on you without a doubt! The conversations are already starting!

She has fit right in & is just an incredible, easy going pup…SO happy!