Hi Mary Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know that we are all in love with Moose – especially Jenna!! and Moose is especially in love with Jenna – he follows her everywhere and whines when she is out of his sight! He wouldn’t sit on the couch with Dave when Jenna was in the kitchen baking, he had to sleep by her feet as she was working – It was so cute! It worked out well that she was the only one home with him most of yesterday. He is an awesome puppy – he slept in a big kennel that my sister let us borrow, we put it right next to Jenna’s bed and he slept the entire night without even a peep! With the exception of one little poop when he first arrived (which was probably nerves), he has not had an accident. He LOVES to play fetch!!

Thanks for everything!! We’ll send pictures soon – Jenna took at least 100 yesterday!

Jeannette from MA


This is a wonderful letter that I received from Jenna. I have saved it because I LOVE to read it! :

Hi Mary Lisa!

I just wanted to Thank you myself! After my puppy Persie died things just weren’t the same. I had her since I was three years old and she was my best friend. When she was gone it was so sad to come home to an empty house after school and not hear her little paws as she walked around. When my mom realized how much Persie’s death had affected me (and her, more than she had anticipated) we started to look for a puppy. It was so difficult to find the right breeder while avoiding puppymills and irresponsible breeding. When my mom found your website I just had a great feeling. We read everything you had written (you are so nice & funny!) and looked at all of your pictures, and when I saw Moose I knew that he was perfect. When my mom talked to you everything fell into place and it was clear that we had found the perfect package; perfect puppy AND perfect breeder! Thank you for being so dedicated to your dogs and loving them so much! And most of all, thank you for my new baby pup Moose!!



Hello Mary Lisa!!!

I hope you are well! Since it has been a while since we last talked I wanted to send you this picture of Moose! I took it a week ago when we went for a walk. (Despite his tiny legs he was a trooper! He loves to go for long walks!) He wanted to look over the side of the little bridge to look at the water. He is certainly a cutie! We love him so so much! We are still working on his training but he graduated from his first level of puppy school and he did very well. He is definitely the perfect puppy for me! (We usually have to drag him out of bed in the morning! He likes to sleep in, like me!) He is very silly and, as the veterinarian said the last time we visited, “he is cute and he knows it!!” Thank you so much for my beautiful baby Moose! I don’t know what I would do without him!! 🙂